Fighting Styles

Fighting Styles, sometimes called martial schools, represent the unique collections of maneuvers developed over time throughout the world of Altera Awakens. Each is centered around some basic philosophy, technique or needs of the region or culture they emerged from.

While most Fighting Styles initially developed in a particular region or culture, they can all be found in other regions to one degree or another.

  • Draganian Guard is a Fighting Style that evolved in the caverns and mines of Moragon. It emphasized strong defensive philosophy as well as cooperative/collaborative fighting techniques. Its practitioners utilize medium armor, spear and shield.
  • Egerton Duelists emerged in Altera as a way for upper class citizens to learn a cultured Fighting Style suited to their social settings. Egerton combines manners, etiquette and a duelist mentality as the center of its approach to martial engagement. Its practitioners wield a single long sword and light armor.
  • Kalari Monks first appeared in remote parts of Mathuradu as a philosophy even more-so than a Fighting Style. Their unarmed fighting style and mystical techniques are probably the most unique of the Fighting Styles, but also one of the most demanding in terms of life style. Kalari monks fight with their bare limbs and no more than light armor.
  • Knights of the Endless Vigil are most often found in Altera, and their oaths strongly tie them to the Alteran crown, even when they hail from other lands. Often serving a ward or cause, Vigil Knights prefer medium or heavier armor, medium shields and single-handed weapons.
  • Masya are a secretive order of warriors that emerged in Calakmel but have been seen operating in other areas as well. Their fast, lethal and secretive techniques cast them in the light of assassins in many people’s eyes. Their abilities require the freedom of light armor and quickness of small weapons, such as daggers.
  • Panava traces its origins to the gladiatorial arenas of Mathuradu but its practitioners can be found elsewhere as performers, bodyguards or simply seeking new challenges. A dramatic and dynamic Fighting Style, Panava is also very potent, employing a powerful collection of techniques. It’s practitioners employ two-handed weapons and light or medium armor.
  • Zabin Hunter: Skilled trackers, specializing in various types of esoteric lore, hunters learn the strengths and weaknesses of their quarry. They often rely on ambushes, traps, and ranged weapons to maximize their effectiveness, while keeping themselves safe. It’s members wear Light Armor or no armor and use ranged weapons.

Fighting Styles can represent a significant investment and reward in terms of character development, giving you access to in-game abilities not available to others, as well as opportunities to interact with NPCs, organization and adventures specific to your particular Fighting Style.

You can learn more about the pre-requisites, XP costs and game mechanics in our Rules section.