New Player Assistance Program

Coming into a new LARP, with new rules, new safety guidelines and with a new character needing new costuming and weapons can be both overwhelming and well let’s be honest a bit expensive to new players. The Staff of Altera Awakens wants to help alleviate that pain by offering the following new player assistance when getting started.

Weapon Loaners

Weapon Loaners will come from our NPC Monster Town stash. At this time we are able to loan out any weapon types OTHER THAN Great Weapons and Shields. These are expected to be returned after each event.

Temporary Tabards

These by no means will suffice as your whole costuming, but it’s nice to have a bit of color that shows off your national pride. We offer plain basic tabards that will suffice as a period shirt that can be picked up at local shops like Party City so, together, this should get you through a few games.

Magic Made Easy 

New players are welcome to borrow packets for alchemy or magic from monster town. These are also expected to be returned at the end of each event. Also, many of our casting schools require little to no props to purchase.  Relic Caster, Wizards, Shamans, Druid, Sage, and Witchcraft can all be played with only needing a book to keep your spells and patterns in the rest of the props or tools are provided by the game. Sorcerers only need to purchase a scale (50-100g balance) and Warlocks only need to provide make-up (eyeliner pen works well) for making tattoos.

Re-spend with Ease

New Rules can be difficult to digest when starting a new system. Until you really get to play the game a few times you might not know exactly what you want to do. While it may not make sense in the world, we do allow players to completely re-spend their character until their second full event.   

Pay it forward Program

The LARPing community are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and they will often go out of their way to help a new player. If you’re an experienced player and would like to donate costume or weapons to the New Player Assistance Program or the LARP, in general, please contact us at and will discuss the cookie reward for your donation. All donation that are marked for the Pay It Forward Program will be given free of charge to new players.

Making Use of the Program

If you’re new to LARPing and would like to make use of the New Player Assistance Program please send an e-mail to and we will make sure the things your character needs will be waiting for you at check-in for the event.  Please remember to return all borrowed items to us if we have items available from the pay it forward program that have been donated we will let you know which items you can keep.  Items in the Pay it Forward program are given out on a first come basis.