Judge not the night, until the dawn

Judge not the blade, until it’s drawn

The Moragon mountains are steep and have proven to be a harsh place to live. The people of Moragon make up the smallest population of the five nations. This is due to the harsh living conditions, lowering the life expectancy of children. Moragon is home to countless small camps across the mountain ranges that range from single family dwellings to 10 – 15 families in the same camp. In addition to these camps, there are 3 cities, two at the highest twin peaks of the mountains and one within the caves deep in the heart of the mountain. The only passes into the mountains are an elaborate system of tunnels that have existed for thousands of years.

  • Approximate Population: 800,000 inhabitants
  • Type of Government: Democratic Meritocracy
  • Capital City: Vorshi Dome
  • Title of National Leader: Overseer Joseph IIyich Bronhstein

The Moragon are set apart for a number of reason other than their harsh climate. Traditionally, their culture places a strict value on the female leaders and many important decisions are left to female leaders, as the vast majority of the leadership are mothers.

The Moragoni people have a well deserved reputation as both outsiders and as neutral parties in the larger world. Despite attempts from all other nations to draw them into any number of wars with or against Altera, the Moragoni have always had the same response. They close the doors of the Great Mines and roll massive boulders into the passes, then they simply wait for the nations to resolve their respective conflicts. With such defensive strength and a lack of desire for expansion, the Moragoni have no need of a standing military. While they excel at making weapons, they have never seen the use in learning to effectively wield them. Life is difficult enough in the mountains without encouraging people to try killing one another.

Many an Altera merchant has made their fortune speculating the prices of metal around these tiffs. For the Morgani, the mountain is all that matters in their world thus few will ever leave home for longer than a short trade run. The people of Moragon are tough workers to be sure, but they also have a joyous side as well. Being lucky enough to be invited into a family camp or into the Great Dome Vorshi is not something a traveler will ever forget. Drums, songs, and dances carry into the long nights filling homes, caves, and mines with laughter and mirth. The songs are a direct challenge to the harsh perpetual winter “Be as cold as you wish, you will not freeze my heart!”


Moragon begins where the rich and useful soil of Altera ends. From there on, it is gravel, then stone, then mountain. The peaks of the mountains and the Vorshi Dome itself are perpetually capped in snow. Life on the surface is limited to only the lowest reaches of the mountains and that is accepted as a last resort. The true kingdom of Moragon is found inside the mountains. In these complex network of tunnels it is never warm but it also is sheltered from the deadly frost on the surface.

Major Cities/Regions

The Great Domes are stoneworks that often top one of the high peaks. The Vorshi Dome is the by far the greatest monument to Moragon craftsmanship. This mammoth structure connects the peaks of Kapova Dome and Topol Dome. In addition to the Domes, a small population can be found among rare, gentler hills and valleys of Moragon.

Titles & Society
  • Overseer: The Ultimate Authority of the Domes. Responsible for all broad based trade negotiations.
  • Foreman: The Leaders of specific fields or areas within a Dome.
  • Artisan: A recognized master of at least one specialized skill. Artisans are expected to be able to personally support all apprentices and diggers who work under them.
  • Apprentice: Youths typically trying to learn a specialized skill. Competition between Apprentices can be fierce.
  • Digger: The most common worker class. General labor with no special skills.
  • Shale: People of Moragon who have left the mines to find work on the surface or in other nations.

Moragon is traditionally matriarchal though this has begun to change in recent years.  Despite this, female members are often more highly revered for their longer life and ability to further the family line. Family lines are always traced through the mother’s bloodline as are the laws of succession.

Belief & Views

There are things in the Deep Mines that cannot be explained by any theology. From the depths, secrets and voices of ages past call to those who can hear. This belief in the ancient and sacred is the faith of Moragon. Belief that memory does not die and those who have left, leave their wisdom behind. It might be more fair to say that this is a deeply held philosophy rather than a religion. The names of all the lost are chiseled in stone, forever linking the past to the future. One day, everyone has their name written in stone and that cannot be avoided. All one can do is hope that their name is remembered fondly.

In recent years, there have been whispers of a resurgence of the dragon faiths of old.


The economy of Moragon is based in the production and refinement of raw materials. They produce much of the world’s steel, iron, coal, and precious gems. Once refined, these are then sold to other nations and provide the foundation of industry in Altera.


Dried meats and preserved foods. Pelmeni, meat pies, cold water fish, and borscht.

Traditional Dress

Warmth and layers are the keys to survival in Moragon. Linen dresses and shirts decorated with elaborate cross-stitch, covered with a heavy tunic or outer dress for those of common means. Furs of one kind or another are common and increase in quality with social standing. Those of highest wealth add to this layers of rich brocade in cloaks and capes.


Relic Wardens and Sages

Groups & Organizations

Noble Paladins and cunning Bards are the traditional heroes of all Alteran legends.

Real World Cognates

Appalachian coal miners meets the Slavic Rus and northern European peoples.

Inspiration Images

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