During the quiet time when magic was absent from the world, people remember the fantastic races that had passed into legend. It is uncertain how much of those tales are myth and how many are based in historic account.

With the return of magic in Altera, some individuals have begun to undergo strange transformation; the appearance of traits, behaviors and even supernatural powers & abilities from the legendary races.

These manifestations are not fully understood, but it seems that these legacies lays dormant in many, awaiting their own, personal awakening.

  • Celestials: Celestials are often described as beings of light, possessing brilliant wings of vibrant colors of pure energy or pure white feathers. Their powers seem to revolve around light, freedom and healing.
  • Demons: Demons often manifest a cracked and colored pallor. They value strength, order and structure. Their powers seem to gravitate towards binding, reinforcement, and strengthening.
  • Dragons: With their scales and horns, dragons are one of the most iconic figures in Altera. Their powers focus on strong personal defenses and both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Elves: With their earthen tones and tapered ears, many elves nearly pass for human. They posses gifts of stealth, repair and resilience to various ills.
  • Fey: Sparkling with an otherworldly pallor, many fey also display animistic traits. They possess supernatural senses, the ability to beguile their foes and even walk other realms.

Racial legacies can represent a significant investment and reward in terms of character development, giving you access to in-game abilities not available to others, as well as opportunities to interact with NPCs, organization and adventures specific to your particular magical school.

You can learn more about the pre-requisites, XP costs and game mechanics in our Rules section.