Trade Contracts

A grizzled Quartermaster sits at a desk, pinching the bridge of his nose as he glanced over the contracts in front of him. After looking you up and down, he leans back in his chair and takes a handful of papers off a stack.

“So… yer lookin’ fer work, yeah?”

Without waiting for an answer, he separates five sheets papers onto the desk for you to see.

“Quartermaster Rivets. I’m a neutral party with a vested interest in makin’ sure all these contracts get filled. Contracts filled? Demons fought. No matter yer trade, I got work fer ya. Smiths, alchemists n’ tinkers alike.”

Each paper was labelled with a country at the top, followed by various items needed.

“Don’t worry ‘bout tha materials. I’ll make sure they’re all provided. All I need ya to do –“, Rivets gestured with a wide, sweeping motion, “– is figure out whatcha wanna make, and who ya wanna make it for. Each country’ll give ya a different reward fer yer time. Make no mistake, they’re all ‘bout equal in value so don’t worry ‘bout bein’ snubbed one way or another. I’ll make sure ya get paid.”

He gives you a wink before pointing to his stack of papers. “If ya do enough a this stuff, I can get ya mo… lucrative jobs, with a bit better pay. Just gotta prove yerself first, got it?”

Quartermaster Rivets takes a sip of a drink before cracking a sly grin. “So… shall we get started?”

How Trade Contracts Work

Current Trade Contracts are managed by the Kings Quartermaster’s for the war effort (See a Production Martial onsite to use this game mechanic). Each country prefers to pay in a resource the have in abundance. Please note completing a contract with a country does grant them material aid in-game.

Completing a number of contracts with the same group can open new more profitable contracts for that individual crafter. And special contracts that can offer new rewards like patterns and or research resources.

All Base Contracts are 10 CP (crafting point).

Altera: Awards 5 Silver Coins
  • Smiths: Weapons and Armor
  • Alchemists: Healing Brews
  • Tinkers: Relics
Moragon: Awards 5 Slag Iron
  • Smiths: Shields
  • Alchemists: Lantern Oil
  • Tinkers: Lanterns and Torches
Larana: Awards 5 Mithril
  • Smiths: Horseshoes and Farming Tools
  • Alchemists: Shells and Protectives
  • Tinkerers: Locks
Mathuradu: 1 Silver MU
  • Smiths: Great Weapons
  • Alchemists: Healing Brews
  • Tinkers: Magical Foci
Calakmel: 5 Soma Plants
  • Smiths: Daggers
  • Alchemists: Poison
  • Tinkers: Crossbows