What Are NPCs?

NPCs are “Non Player Characters.” Non-Player Characters will typically play a “monster” of some sort and are most often given stats, abilities and even loot by a member of staff. Aside from monsters, NPCs may also be asked to play other important roles such as traveling merchants, spies sent to collect information, messengers, etc.  NPCs will be provided with costuming, gear and any makeup needed to play their character. Having plenty of Non-Player Characters ensures that the Player Characters have plenty to do and to interact with during the day.

*Player Characters are required to participate in at least 3 hours of Monster Time during each event. Please sign up for NPC shifts during Check In.

Full-Time NPCs

If you’re interested in being a Full-Time NPC for our events, thank you! Full-Time NPCs will have all accommodations covered as well as all meals on Saturday. Please bring any additional snacks, food or drinks in case you get hungry other than mealtimes. Remember to bring all black clothing for the weekend –this is to provide us with a blank canvas for costuming. NPCs will be housed together in the same cabin or cabin area and a member of the Staff team will coordinate the NPCs activities for the duration of the event. Full Time NPCs will also receive “Cookies” for helping out with the game in the event that they would like to become Player Character at some time in the future.

TLDR;   NPCs are the bomb, get free food, lodging and “Cookies”