Get Started

Need a little help getting started or don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered!

Step 1: Character Concept

In the character creation process, you get to make all of the decisions about your new life. For newer LARPers, creating your character can be as easy as drawing off of your own personality, interests, and skills.

First, you’ll need to come up with a Character Concept. Consider the following:

  • Combat: Does your character to swing a sword? Shoot a crossbow? Cast spells? Heal others?
  • Personality: Does your character always try to play the hero? Or are you more of a researcher, spending your days seeking information and studying up on history and prophecies? Maybe you’re the jester of the group or perhaps, someone who’s hiding a secret…
  • Other Thoughts to Consider: What motivates your character? What are your characters goals and dreams? What do they wish to accomplish?

Nation and Race

A character’s nationality and race help to develop your culture, everything from the knowledge you possess about the world around you, to the way you dress and sometimes even your combat style. Characters can purchase racial abilities as they reach particular milestones (50XP, 100XP, etc).

Character Background and History

Here you get to tell your character’s story. Who are you… or who were you? How do your friends, family, and culture (see Step 2) influence your character? Try tying in your character’s goals and any achievements from their past. Perhaps your character has a secret or knows some valuable information. Note: You don’t have to share any of this information with any of the other characters in the game if you so choose, however, be prepared to have an answer when they are who you are. Full backgrounds should be sent to

Step 2: Spend Your Points

Each character receives an initial Experience Points (XP) to spend on their build. Most combat and non-combat traits are progressive, meaning that once points are spent in a trait, points can continue to be spent in that same trait to make it even stronger.

  • Combat Traits: Combat traits are main source of combat related advantages and combat abilities. Each attribute has a per day and per combat ability that can be purchased.
  • Non-Combat Skills: These skills represent professions or crafts that characters can purchase. Items made from these skills can be used in game or sold and traded to other characters. Choose from Academia, Smithing, Tinkering and Alchemy.
  • Fighting Styles: Fighting Styles represent a specific combat training that characters can learn once they meet all of the physical requirements. They do not have to be purchased at the start of the game, however it is a good idea to check them out during character creations so you know what direction to take your character.
  • Magic Schools: Magic schools represent a specific style of magic unique to its caster’s way of thought. All spell schools cost the same experience points but you must buy mana or other resources necessary for casting.  Please see your specific spell school for costs.

Step 3: Build & Submit Character

Use the Character Creation quick reference page to build and submit your character to our Plot Committee for approval.

Step 4

Pre-Register for an upcoming Altera Awakens event.  This lets us make sure there is a space for you, we have your materials ready, feast meal planning and prepare any plot & adventures specific to your character.  Pre-registration also entitles you to reserve a preferred cabin bunk and mandatory NPC time slot.

Step 5

Get yourself mentally and physically prepared for your Altera Awakens event by reading our What to Expect guide.

Step 6

Find a costume & weapons and make a packing list or inquire about our Assistance Program!  Need some inspiration? Check out the Pinterest boards in each Culture section.

Step 7

Get connected to the Altera Awakens community:

Meet other players in the community and keep up with current events. Say Hi!

Step 8

Get directions to the current Event Site and pack your bags! We look forward to welcoming you to Altera Awakens community and adventuring along side you!

If you have any questions or need help getting started don’t hesitate to Contact Us