Safety will always be top priority at all of our games. Prior to each event, we will conduct a safety sweep of all in-play areas to ensure the safety of our players. If you see a hazardous situation, please either take responsibility and correct it (an obstacle that could easily be tripped over) or bring it to the attention of a Staff member. A waiver must be signed by each player prior to their first event and updated yearly.


A Safety Briefing will be required for all persons prior to playing their first game. During the briefing, each player will learn the importance of safe boffer combat and what to do if an unsafe situation should arise. These briefings will take place at each event just after Check-In.

“No Touch” At no time during any combat should a player’s actions physically move another player or cause them to feel threatened enough to move. This includes charging, shield pushing, tripping or shoving.

Please note that all costuming and weapons must be approved by the Safety Committee before Game On begins. If you have concerns about the safety of your costuming or weapons, please review the Weapon and Costume Guidelines or ask a Safety Marshal.


We hold all of our players to the highest standard when it comes to matters of conduct and behavior. By attending Altera Awakens events, you agree that you will conduct and handle yourself in a mature manner at all times.


Altera Awakens has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment of any kind for any reason. While at times conflicts might occur between players’ characters, remember that events are not the place for personal disagreements. No offensive remarks regarding real world race, religion, politics or sexual orientation, etc will be tolerated. Please report any violations to a Staff member.

Conflict Resolution

To ensure a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all of our wonderful players, conflicts or disagreements that arise from unclear rules, mechanics or intent will be resolved by a member of the Staff.


Because many of our events will be hosted by state parks, smoking will be restricted except in designated areas. These areas will be marked prior to the event and will remain in-play. Any and all refuse should be disposed of properly at the venue.

Forbidden Items

Forbidden Items include but are not limited to:

  • Firearms/other real weapons of any kind
  • Alcohol (except on clearly designated events)
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Anything else that inhibits or impairs one’s judgement or jeopardizes the safety of others

If you require the use of prescription medication that inhibits you in any way, let a Staff member know prior to attending an event. Otherwise, these items are not welcome at any Altera Awakens events and will result in banishment from future events in addition to any further action that may result from the administration at the event venue.

Children & Minors

Altera Awakens welcomes all players who are ages 18 and up. At Staff’s discretion, exceptions may be made for those over the age of 16 on a case-by-case basis with permission and attendance of their parent or guardian. Children under the age of 18 are required to be on site and sign all releases and waivers as well as adhere to all guidelines and rules set forth by Staff.