Wizardry is the art of precision and control. A Wizard does not just provide a place for the universe to vent mystical friction. It does not require the beseeching of other powers. It does not allow itself to be held to any preset limitations. It does not require the careful balance of one force against another. Rather, a Wizard takes the world and tells magic what it should be. This can be cast alone but often Wizards will come together in order to cast more effectively and to cast larger spells.

  • Casting Style: Spells stored in a Focus
  • Strengths:  Versatility of spell choice & damage
  • Weakness:  Mind-affecting magic
  • Casting Method: Deconstructing colored Jenga towers to form patterns
  • Foci:  Yes
  • In-Play Verbals:  No
  • Soul Mark:  No
  • In Play Rituals/Books/Text:  Yes, Book of Sigils

Should a Wizard reach beyond their capability and the Tower that has been constructed falls, that is deemed a “crash.” When a Tower crashes, it will have specific negative consequences for the Wizard, possibly for any assisting Wizard, and at times for the world at large.

A Wizard's Tale

Esteril stood before his Tower as the stones silently slid out of their master’s way. He knew that a storm was coming. Those who had the Gift of the Eye had said that he and all wizards like him would pass into memory, then rumor and finally into nothing more than myth. Esteril Von Durke, Magus of Whispering Vale however, was not one who would allow his name be easily forgotten. He stood in the quiet of the central chamber of his Tower, the stones of which quietly shifted their positions to most effectively channel their master’s will. Before him stood a simple table with assorted blocks of different colors and slowly he began the laborious process of stacking them three at a time crisscrossing each layer. Slowly, the ritual tower took shape until it was the proper 15 stories tall. He then took his book of spells and began to cast.

Battle spells first. Those would be the easiest, he thought. Fire for the upcoming fight. Red bricks slid out of place until a solid red symbol lay on the table. Esteril felt the sympathetic magic of the Wizardcraft respond. As the bricks created a solid small sigil of intent flared on the sides of the bricks showing that the spell had been stored.

There would likely be ground forces, so next he prepared Earth – the power to open canyons and topple armies. Experienced and steady hands deftly slid green bricks from their place to create a second pattern. More sigils flashed a dark green. The commoner magi made compacts with demons to control elemental forces. He scoffed at such weakness. A Wizard was above needing to rely on others for power. Confidence was well and good but precautions must be taken as well. He could not afford to let his confidence become hubris. That would certainly bring his tower down.

Spell by spell, the tower’s stability weakened. Occasionally a brick would stick in place as the whole of the tower shook, threatening to collapse. Twelve spells later, he stopped. He was 1 brick away from casting another spell into his focus however, no bricks would release. One brick was possible but the odds of his success were low. The tower collapsing after channeling this much power would not only waste a considerable amount of his time but the backlash could potentially be deadly. Esteril removed a circlet and held it above his tower. As he did this, the spells stored in the sigils released and magic flowed into his circlet. Having placed it back atop his brow, he stopped. The tower no longer held any power and would not for some time… there was no harm.

He reached carefully for the yellow brick and began the slow process of attempting to dislodge it. The brick slowly freed itself. He placed it on the top of the tower, it swayed as if trying to keep a balance that it had no right to and then collapsed back into a pile on the table. “That. That is the difference between confidence and hubris,” Esteril thought to himself.

In his own Tower, Esteril did not need to expend any energy for simple tasks. He simply willed the candles to light and his writing desk to manifest.

“First, my future student, you must understand that there are towers which channel a wizard’s magic into the shape of whatever spell is desired, and then there are Towers. A Tower is the ultimate expression of a wizard’s power. Even the Dragon Lords fear to challenge a wizard while within his Tower.

I write these words so that those who come after me will know what I was. It has been foreseen that there will be a cycle of great catastrophes that will only end when the world we as Wizards know passes from memory into rumor and from rumor into myth. All we can do is prepare to become nothing more than a child’s bedtime story. Into these tomes I am scribing all my knowledge in the hopes that one day my art will be restored.”

Cost Summary
Wizard TierPre-ReqTower CostAbilities
1st, 10XP5XP / TowerSpell Flux, 8XP each
2nd, 10XP3 Towers7XP / TowerCounterspell, 10XP each
3rd, 15XP6 Towers10XP / TowerBattle Mana Tower
4th, 15XP10 Towers13XP / Tower
5th, 20XP15 Towers15XP / Tower

Wizards use small wooden blocks (standard Jenga blocks) to represent the elemental forces that they are manipulating. Each Tower comprises 3 different elements of the wizard’s choosing when the Tower is purchased. Each Tower is built by rotating layers – a layer of 3 blocks of the same element, a second element set across that, and the third element crossing over the second. This series is repeated five times for a total of 15 layers, alternating directions, of 3 blocks each for a total of 45 blocks per tower (The top layer is called the Cap and can not be drawn from). Wizards draw blocks from these towers and arrange in them patterns as dictated by the magical sigils they have collected in order to charge their personal Foci with the given spell. Blocks must be drawn one at a time and then placed in the pattern before another block can be drawn.

You may have a maximum of one focus per tier of magical ability attuned at any time. Attuning a foci takes 1 minute.

Each Wizard may only cast from one tower at a time so choosing which combination of elements are going to be used often dictates what spells can be cast at any given moment. Casting elements are recorded on the Wizard’s character sheet a tower can be made of any three elements they have learned.

  • Red: Fire
  • Blue: Water
  • Yellow: Air
  • White: Light
  • Black: Shadow
  • Brown: Earth
Collaborative Casting

Wizards can work together to cast larger and more complex spells by gathering together and each one setting a Tower of their own to contribute to the group casting. The primary caster who will charge their focus with the given spell draws first and places the first block. Each contributing Wizard in clockwise order then draws a block and places it in the sigil in turn. Each participating Wizard may draw from any Tower in the collective. If any Tower crashes the attempted sigil fails and the primary Wizard suffers the crash effect, unless the sigil specifically dictates otherwise.

Battle Mana Tower

The Wizard’s constant work has allowed him to build a small but constant flow of magic that can be pulled for the express purposes of combat. This Tower is smaller than the standard Tower. Being 3 elements but only 3 sets rather than the typical 5. All spells cast with Battle Tower must be used before the tower can be rebuilt. Only spells marked as “Battle” can be cast using this Tower. Battle Tower spells must go in a unique battle focus by themselves.

Example Wizard Spells

Hstandi’s Targeted Explosion

Success: If the sigil is successfully completed, the Wizard may charge their Focus with Five Magic Fire Shard 1s.

Ysidrath’s Brief Disarm

Success: If the sigil is successfully completed, the Wizard may charge their Focus with Three Magic Disarms.

SandaVel’s Barred Door

Success: If the sigil is successfully completed, the Wizard may charge their Focus with a single “Magic Door Blockade” which must be phys-repped and lasts for up to 3 days.

Alkoolatch’s Emergency Treatment

The arts of healing and recovery are not best suited to the powers of a Wizard’s Tower however the need to heal one’s allies in battle is an expected part of any conflict.  It is therefore necessary for all Wizards to familiarize themselves with at least some degree of healing magic.  As spells go this is very simple and as such one should not expect a tremendous return on the investment of power.  However as with many things when dealing with life and death, it is better than nothing.

Draw from your Tower one brick of Fire and two of Water.  Fire is the primal source of unbridled power that gives life to active magics both healing and damaging.  The water provide the structure and guides that fire to a healing purpose.

Success: If the sigil is successfully completed the Wizard may charge their focus with five Magic Stabilize effects.

Charge Verbal:  “Charge Focus with five Water Stabilize”

Activation Verbal: “Activate Water Stabilize”

Failure:  If this ritual is begun but cannot be completed because it is abandoned, then the Wizard must draw an extra brick as the cost of starting their next sigil and all bricks drawn for this sigil are considered lost.

Crash:  If the Tower collapses while attempting this ritual, the primary caster suffers “Quick Bleeder” for the next hour.

Inspiration Images

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