It just started happening rare but a few people just awoke one day to find that their complexion had went noticeably gray…and their memories where not entirely their own. In the faint distance of their mind, they remember a different name.  Some claim to know the name while others can’t quit make it out; like a distance dream that hangs on the edge of their memory as they Awake .

Restricted Attribute: None
Difficult Attribute: None

Character Modifications

All visible skin turns light gray, and must be painted while playing the character. Hands, but not arms, wrist, etc may be excluded for sanitary reason.

Cost Summary
1250XP*8Wild Magic Spell Flux

*250 XP since the last purchased racial ability in any other race. Ex: At 300 XP you could have this and only one other racial lineage

Racial Powers

Wild Magic Spell Flux
Once per combat the character may call a Wild Spell Flux. This power does not count towards the normal limit on Lesser Defenses.