Magic Schools

Tales of magic abound in each of the cultures of Altera, with each often cast in a very different light depending on who you ask… villain or hero, fool or legend, cursed or blessed. With the reawakening of magic in the world, users of these mythic arts have also begun to re-emerge. Much of what was lost is being quickly rediscovered, but plenty of mysteries remain for you to discover.

There are several different methods and philosophies with which magically talented individuals craft their arts. Some approaches to magic favor certain effects, while struggling with other types of manifestations. And some casters seems to draw their power from external sources, while others would appear to channel the very forces of the universe through intense willpower or complicate undertakings.

  • Druids: Druid magic is the art of drawing on the sympathetic magic of nature to create short term foci allowing for the channeling of magical effects. Druids favor spells that enhance their recipients or control their efficacy.
  • Paladins: A newly discovered magic tradition, even by post-awakening standards, little is known in great detail except that paladins channel the powers of Light to martial and healing ends and often embrace a cause or principle. This tradition must be discovered and unlocked during the course of game play.
  • Relic Wardens: Wardens access magic by awakening the power of physical items of legend and lore. They collector, trader, and explorer to gain these trinkets which range from trivial to epic in potency.
  • Sages: Sages bring the power of spoken and written word together in order to create a vast array of utility and healing effects. Sages give life to written histories in their words and preserve ancient oral traditions through their writings.
  • Shamans: Shamans channel the energy created as magical forces collide. This chaos creates a steady stream of potential that the Shamans can tap into and channel through their staves and runes; particularly mind-affecting and damaging manifestations of magic.
  • Sorcerers: Balancing the collective forces of magic on their mystical scales, Sorcerers craft dweomers to manifest powerful mind-affecting, illusory and protective effects.
  • Warlocks: Drawing magical power from binding contracts forged with powerful entities, exhausting personal resolve and demanding negotiation. Warlocks excel in strong combat and personal protective effects.
  • Witches: Witches often operate in groups called covens, drawing on their collective strength to coax the forces of creation to craft effects of light and darkness, blessing and curse, healing and harm.
  • Wizards: With their complex formulas and spells, wizards meticulously unlock the secrets of the magical universe to craft some of the most powerful effects seen in Altera.

Magic can represent a significant investment and reward in terms of character development, giving you access to in-game abilities not available to others, as well as opportunities to interact with NPCs, organization and adventures specific to your particular magical school.

You can learn more about the pre-requisites, XP costs and game mechanics in our Rules section.