Latex Weapons

Because of the differing construction methods and standards of latex weapon manufacturers, Altera Awakens only approves latex weapon on an individual and case-by-base basis to make sure they meet or exceed our safety and combat style requirements.

Latex weapon must be presented to an official Safety Marshal at check-in before use, each and every event.  Approval for a latex weapon is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time, so we suggest having an alternate weapon or be prepared to borrow a basic loaner from our Monster Town (supplies and types are limited, however).

Additionally, we reserve the right to impose specific restrictions on any approval depending on our assessment of the weapon (no thrusting, no pommel/butt strikes, etc).

The use of an unapproved weapon, failure to submit weapons to pre-event check-in, or violating these prohibitions can result in the loss of combat privileges and disciplinary action.

If you do bring a latex weapon, please bring the manufacturer/distributor name, model name/number and, if possible, the URL to the online store for your particular weapon.  This will allow us to create a list of weapons that have passed inspection before and are likely to do so again (unless manufacturing methods or quality changes).  Weapons on this list must still undergo safety inspection at check every event before they are allowed in-play.