The study of Giant Serpent lore which I have placed into the single category of “Dragon” is more complex than with other mythos, as there is very little lore about what these creatures were as a collective race. Any time a dragon appears in mythology, whether to help or hinder the hero of the tale, they always seem to be acting alone. In addition to that solitary nature, they are rarely, if ever, described in any type, categorical, or racial term but by a given proper name. It could be historical confusion and what we interpret as proper names are in fact the names of various dragon breeds, but the texts as we have them today do not support this theory. There are certain consistencies between all dragons which do allow them to be grouped together, even if the label used is of questionable validity.

In their natural state, Dragons can be no larger than a man in the case of Naga or large enough to coil around a mountain several times, in the case of Zirnitra. Dragons can be either bipedal or quadrupedal, although this variation could simply be attributed to their given ability for limited shape shifting. Dragons are always characterized as having wings of some sort but they can be colorfully feathered and bird like, bat like, or even a simple leathery hood around the head. They are also universally credited with the ability to use some sort of spital weapon, most often being either fire or poison based. When told in a heroic light, dragons appear as guides and teachers of the hero offering valuable, often mystical, insight. When stories are told with them as villains, they are creatures of unrivaled destruction often requiring the hero to sacrifice herself in the attempt to slay the beast. Regional lists of named dragons are below for additional research.

  • Altera: Ddraig, Wyvern, Dragon
  • Calakmel: Kur, Kukulkan
  • Larana: Tarasque, Drac
  • Mathuradu: Naga
  • Moragon: Zirnitra, Zmiy, Zmaj, Chuvash

Restricted Attribute: Dexterity
Difficult Attribute: Ingenuity

Dragon Character Modifications

Upon purchasing each racial tier, the player must choose one Behavioral or Makeup modification for their character.  You may not choose additional modifications beyond your racial tier.

  • Spend at least 5 minutes per day hiding or concealing all gems and coin you have
  • Never let an insult go unchallenged
  • Never insult or attack a Spirit or Astral creature
  • Never use Break/Shatter effects
  • Prosthetic horns (can be just one or more)
  • Distinctive scale pattern on ¼ of exposed skin
  • ½ of all exposed skin
  • All exposed skin
  • Have prosthetic nails as non-combat claws
Cost Summary
150XP8Hide or Shell 3
2100XP8Breath or Claws
3150XP8Rage or Terror
4200XP8Might or Quake
5250XP8Roar or Ancestral Memory
6300XP8Vengeance or Harden Shell
Dragon Racial Powers

Character develops a slightly thicker hide like skin. This grants a permanent single point of Vigor.


Shell 3
Character may, once per day harden their skin granting themselves a 3 point Shell. This is called as “Dragon Natural Shell 3”. The Dragon racial skin does not require time to activate. It can be used in the middle of combat to activate.

Character may, once per combat, create a small blast of elemental damage. This must be Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Acid. The element must be chosen at the time of purchase and will be the same for all future element based Dragon Racial Powers. This is called as “Dragon Natural [Element] Shard 1”.


Character may at will may grow strong claws out of their hands in order to rend the flesh from their opponents. These are Short Claw phys reps that are considered out of play unless they are in hand. Claws cannot have poisons on them and cannot be disarmed.  Weapon Break effects cause automatic limb wounds.

Character may, once per combat, display an amazing show of sheer strength. This is called as “Dragon Natural Strength +3”.


Character may, once per combat, display ferocity and intimidation to force opponents back. This is a packet-only effect and is called as “Dragon Natural Intimidate.” Occasionally this causes them to dramatically rethink their life choices to this point.

Character may, twice per combat, summon a wellspring of strength sufficient to break any Snare with three seconds of roleplayed struggle. This is called as “Dragon Natural Break Snare.”


Character may, once per combat, shake the very ground their opponents stand on and bring them down to the ground. This may be delivered by packet or weapon strike and is called as “Dragon Natural Knockdown”.

Character may, once per day, embrace the full power of the dragon’s voice with a loud roar which brings all people to their senses. This is called as “Dragon – Voice Affect – Awaken”.


Ancestral Memory
Character may, once per day, gain the use of a single Lore skill they otherwise do not have for the purposes of an investigation. This is called as “Dragon – Lore [lore subject]”.

Character may, once per day, plant their feet and throw an unlimited number of Shard 1 packets of their chosen element type. If no element has been declared yet it must be chosen at this time. Characters may pick from Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Acid. This is called as “Dragon – Storm” followed by “Natural [element] Shard 1” for each packet. The effect ends when the character moves for any reason or becomes unconscious.


Harden Shell
Character may, once a day use a shell effect as if it were natural armor instead. This expressly stacks with any physical armor worn. While active that specific shell now function as armor and only lose one point of damage each strike regardless of how much damage was taken. At time the shell effect is used on the character they may use this ability by calling “Dragon Natural Harden Shell”.

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