Characters possessing the Academia skill are able to perform investigations and research in order to discover additional information, and insights on a variety of in-game topics and situations.

Texts, Spells and Formulas

Within the world of Altera Awakens, the ability to make copies of exotic texts, Production Formula, and Spell Formula is highly prized by scholars, tradesfolk, and spellcasters. Any character who possesses one or more levels of a Production skill (Alchemy, Smithing, or Tinkering), and/or one or more levels of a Magic skill that uses formula for spells and/or rituals (Druid, Sage, Shaman, Sorcerer, Warlock, Witch, or Wizard) may make one copy of formula usable by that skill per Tier they possess in the Skill, per Event, as a Production action.

For example, The Archmage Cinna is a 4th Tier Wizard. Thus, Cinna may make up to 4 copies of Wizard spell formula.per event as a Production action. If Cinna was also a 1st Tier Alchemist, he could also make 1 copy of Alchemical formula per event.

In order to make copies of formula outside a character’s own training, or to make exact copies of esoteric texts found while adventuring, a character would need the Academia skill Scribe.


Investigations are very short and focused periods of study where characters can examine a specific subject (object, location, topic or other situation) using their in play knowledge during a game.  Investigations must be Marshaled at all times.  Every character regardless of Academic ability may participate in an investigation.  All Investigations are limited by the following restrictions:

  • No more than three people may participate in a single Investigation.
  • Investigations must declare the specific goal of the Investigation at the start.
    • Bad Investigation goal:  “Tell me about this statue”
    • Good Investigation goal: “What are the magical attributes or abilities of this statue?”
  • No player may Investigate the same subject more than once per game, at a Marshal’s discretion.
  • Investigations must be of specific, tangible subjects.  Investigations may not be used to examine the larger cosmos, philosophical ideas, or broad reaching metaphysics of the game world. Such questions can be asked during a BGA Investigation.
  • All participants may use their total level of Academia, applicable Lores, Crafts, Production skills, Magic skills, or any other appropriate skills.  All levels of Academia always apply and stack with all investigators however only the highest tier of other skills (Lores, Crafts, Production, Magic, etc) apply.  Those non-Academic skills do not stack.

Gain one Apprentice ability with initial purchase. Others may be purchased with additional experience points.

Quick Study

Cost: 5 XP

When acting as a Student, you may gain an additional Research Theory in addition to the one being taught. This Research Theory must be known by the Teacher. A Marshal must approve of this action. For more information on Research Theories, see the Lore skill.

Scribe (Can Be Purchased up to 5 Times)

Cost: 5 XP

Once per day an Apprentice Academic may commit one page of text to memory and keep the details of that clearly in mind for up to 24 hours.

Once per event, as a Production action, they may transcribe up to three (3) times a copy of a text they memorized, or any spell formula or Production formula the Academic has access to, at no cost. Additional Purchases of this skill allow for three (3) additional copies to be made, but do not increase the memorization ability.

Well Organized Mind

Cost: 5 XP

When learning spells ( for memorized Spells) or making copies of a formula, spells, or rituals for a Production skill or Magic skill the Academic is trained in, the Academic can learn or make twice as many copies as usual. For example, normally a second level Smith can only make 2 copies of Smithing formula per event. That same Smith with Well Organized Mind could make 4 copies. This skill does not apply to any copies made with Scribe.


Cost: 5 XP

Apprentices are trained early on to be aware of their surroundings through careful observation. At all times they are considered to have the Detect Concealed ability allowing them to be aware that there is an Invisibility or Concealed effect being used in their immediate line-of-sight. This does not allow the Academic to interact with the Concealed or Invisible subject, it just provides knowledge that it is there.

Additionally, once per day a Detective may use “Natural Reveal Concealed” to expose any one person or thing under a conceal effect.  This is a packet delivered effect and reveals the target to everyone. This effect may be used on a subject the Academic has knowledge of through Detect Concealed. This can be done twice a day at Teacher and three times a day at Professor.


Cost: 5 XP

Sometimes it is necessary to gather information from those who have experienced certain things first hand as everyone can be a source of knowledge. Once per event you may spend a period of 5 minutes asking questions of a single individual about a Research Theory they possess in order to learn that Research Theory. A Marshal must approve this action.

If the Inspector also has the Detective skill, they may place upon themselves a Natural Wyrding vs. Sense Truth, with one minute of focus and concentration. This ability may be used once per day.

Prerequisites: Must have at least 2 Apprentice abilities (Scribe levels count as a single ability) and at least 2 Lore skills.

Gain one Scholar ability with initial purchase. Others may be purchased with additional experience points.


Cost: 10 XP

Instructors may instruct a single Student to instruct, which can be changed once per event. A Student must be at least an Apprentice Academic, but no other prerequisites are necessary. An Instructor may only ever have one Student at a time, barring modification from other skills.

Once per event, the Instructor may select one Research Theory and pass it along to the Instructor’s student(s). The Instructor should roleplay 5 to 10 minutes of instruction ( along with passing along in game information that was revealed to create this Research Theory). A marshal must sign off on all character sheets to indicate that the power has been used, and what was taught. Only one Research Theory can be taught by the Instructor in this fashion, even if the Instructor has multiple Students.

Instruction can also be done as a Research action, with the current Student(s) using an Assist action.


Cost: 10 XP

As a Moderator when you participate in an investigation, that Investigation may include up to 7 people instead of the usual 3, as you are skilled at keeping everyone on task. All other rules about investigations apply.

In addition, if the Moderator also has the Instructor skill, they increase the number of Students they can have by one.

Dedicated Thought

Cost: 10 XP

Once per day a Scholar may focus their attention on a subject area that they have at least one Level 2 Lore skill related to that subject area. In doing so, they may double all relevant Lore and Academic skills for the purposes of Investigation. This feature may also be used during a Research Between Game Action.

In addition, once per day, this ability may also be used to spend 1 minute ruminating on a puzzle or riddle or other perplexing situation, and then receive a hint or clue to the solution. This ability can only be used when a Marshal is present, and results may vary.


Cost: 10 XP

The Scholar has learned to see connections that others may miss.. When participating in an investigation, you can create new Research Theory segments of related topics if appropriate to the topic being investigated. This skill requires Marshal approval.

During an Assist Between Game Action, the Scholar may assist on two different efforts, rather than just one, for a single Assist action. In addition, if Assisting with Research, that action has a higher chance of generating Research Theory segments.

If the Consultant also has the Detective and Inspector skills, the Natural Wyrding from the Inspector skill may now be placed once per combat, and resets as an Attribute’s per combat abilities, rather than once per day.

Prerequisites: Must have at least 2 Scholar abilities and a total of 5 Lore skills.

Gain one Professor ability with initial purchase. Others may be purchased with additional experience points.

Gather Council

Cost: 15 XP

Once per Event you may hold council on an investigation. You may have up to 15 members and may select three members to act as Presenters/Experts. For the purpose of the investigation all of their skills will count 2 times.  This is highly likely to also present additional research Theories/segments to all Members with at least one Academia skill. (A council meeting should take at least 15 minutes of play and presenters/experts should present in play information on the topic)


Cost: 15 XP

You may hold a Lecture on a topic. Once per event, you may choose a Research Theory or Lore skill you possess and present it to anyone willing to listen. This lecture should last at least 10 minutes. Each character who attends for the full duration will receive a Research Theory for the topic. A Marshal must be present to note this on character cards.

If the Professor also has the Instructor skill, they may take on an additional Student.

Esoteric Mind

Cost: 15 XP

Professors have learned to focus on the details and open their mind to the mysteries of the world when in focused study. During Investigations they are considered to have Sense Magic, Identify Magic Item, Sense Soul Mark, Sense Life, and tier 1 of all Production skills that relate to the Investigation. Such intensive Investigations may attract the attention of supernatural forces.

In addition, once per day the Professor may, with 1 minute of meditation or encouraging words, place upon themselves or another a Natural Resist Mental effect. If the Professor also has the Gather Council skill, this ability becomes Flurry 5 Natural Mental Resist, but each Resist must affect a different target.


Cost: 15 XP

Professors can become renowned experts in their fields of study, and that knowledge is in demand. This player has reached a level of expertise that has earned them the chance to accept a position of renown at one of the five academies of Magic, at another major academic institution, such as the College of Bards, or the patronage of a noble, as approved by a Marshal. This will include a minimum of 8 Silver in income per event  and support for future research projects.