Event Sites

Altera Awakens engages various State Park facilities to rent private group camp sites with permanent structures, such as shared cabins with bunks, bath houses, shared kitchen facilities and recreation areas.

Please respect all park rules and regulations when attending Altera Awakens events. Failure to do so may result in legal & criminal action by the parks department against your person, and banning from future Altera Awakens events. If you have questions about park rules and regulations, please contact Altera Awakens or the parks department.

Our Event Sites

See individual Events for location of upcoming events.

Booker T Washington is new event site to many of us, so I thought the following might be useful information for pre-registration and planning your event.

5801 Champion Road
Chattanooga, TN 37416
(423-) 894-4955

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  • The Oak Group Camp section we are using has a communal bathhouse with gender-specific facilities. Bring toilet paper.
  • There are 6 double-unit cabins, each of the two sub-units has 4 bunk beds (sleeping 8).
  • Two of the double-unit cabins are reserved for Plot, Staff, Full-Time NPCs, and Monster Town (see map below).
  • An “Assemble Hall” is present on this site. It is not for occupancy. It has a small kitchen, mediocre dish washing machine, elevated back deck (no building entrance/exit) but no fireplace.
  • Parking is a short distance down the road just past the communal bathhouse. Move all vehicles to parking area after unloading.
  • Cabins appear newer and have electrical outlets, lighting, ceiling fan, baseboard heaters and mattresses (you will have to provide your own bedding).

Harrison Bay Camp group camp has 24 rustic, open-air cabins with 3 bunk beds each (sleeping a total of 6 people per cabin). The camp has a dining hall with a full kitchen and walk-in refrigerator. There is also a playground, picnic shelters, a ball field, basketball courts, and volleyball courts.

The kitchen has no Hobart (hand washing), decent prep area for meal service/prep, deep utility sinks.

Harrison Bay – Group Camp,
Harrison, TN 37341
(423) 344-6214

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  • Electrical: Outlet available in cabins, but mounted high, bring extension cords
  • Bath House: Newly built in 2018. Toilet paper, robe and show shoes recommended.
  • Water: Kitchen/Tavern or bring bottled
  • Ice:  Ice machine is unreliable. If needed ice chest and off-site ice recommended.
  • Parking: No parking fee in Tennessee parks. As for August 2018, there was no dedicated parking area. Please move cars to gravel spots in NPC or Monster Town after unloading.

Scouting Notes:

“Singular bathhouse was replaced by two (they were literally doing construction at the time of this scouting) and re-roofing all the cabins, and the huge tree by cabin 15 had been removed. Most of the ground from “Smoking Pit” to Cabin 19 on the map below is torn up at the moment by equipment for some unknown purpose.”

Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Family Group Shelter is a large meeting hall facility and the surrounding grounds. The main building has heating and cooling. There are no overnight accommodations, camping is not allowed at this site and there are no private rooms.

The facility has a male and female identifying restroom, fire place, smaller screened building and kitchenette (sink, microwave, stove/oven, refrigerator). Electrical outlets are limited, so extension cords and power strips are recommended if you plan to utilize electrical devices.

Altera Awakens typically uses this site for one-day events which begin in the morning and conclude in the early evening.

6589 Hiram Acworth Hwy,
Dallas, GA 30157
(770) 443-7850

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Georgia State Parks require a $5 parking fee (not included in event cost) available from the Park Office or parking lot.