Of all mythological races, what Alterans dub “fey” is perhaps the hardest to describe. While all mythological creatures seem to have a gift for shape changing, the Fey are the only race for whom it is a primary trait. What is known about the Fey in all forms is that they are tricksters. This can range from imitation of courtly behavior with intricate wordplay, to gross slapstick or ambush humor. Such tricks, riddles, and jokes can be entirely harmless or lethal in nature, and in many stories it is not possible to know which it is until it is far too late. Fey creatures seem to have less defining physical characteristics than others and instead are most often exaggerated examples of the mundane world. Monstrous fey are describes as being so hideous that they are nauseous to simply look at. Animalistic fey always have exaggerated qualities of the animal they mimic. In fact, the fey are the only race known to mimic the unique specific traits of another. Fey with scales and horns are recorded as creating a great offense and leading to a full scale war. This can be noted as hyperbole since there is no evidence of such a struggle ever occurring on Altera.

As stated, those creatures categorized as “fey” take all shapes and sizes, but there are a few consistent traits. Firstly, all cultures fey appear to have an otherworldly glow about them that is often described as either “twinkling” or “shimmering.” On the excessive side, are those who are described as “dripping silver moonlight in their wake” or on the more subtle side as those “for whom her hair had the glint seeming of a night’s sky full of stars even though the sun clearly shown.” Another consistent trait the fey possess in all stories is that they seem to be bound by whatever rules they create. Such rules are specific to the story in which they are found and do not apply to any other fey, but for that specific creature who set down a rule, it is absolute. In this way, they are often labeled as liars or tricksters but are in fact, academically at least, the most honest of mythological creatures. I have created a list of possible examples of fey but more than any other list it is highly likely that this contains factual errors.

  • Altera: Fey, Fay, Pharie, Ferie, Fairie
  • Calakmel: Coyotl, Eaenki
  • Larana: Reynard the Fox
  • Mathuradu: Yakshas
  • Moragon: Veles, Kutkh

Restricted Attribute: Resilience
Difficult Attribute: Brutality

Fey Character Modifications

Upon purchasing each racial tier, the player must choose one Behavioral or Makeup modification for their character.  You may not choose additional modifications beyond your racial tier.

  • Never intentionally tell an untruth (this is different from not lying).
  • Never deliver a Killing Blow.
  • Tell an exaggerated story at least once a day.
  • Always require payment of some form for services.
  • Never explain your own actions.
  • Do not accept an apology the first two times it is given.
  • Have noticeable amounts of glitter in your hair.
  • Have glitter on exposed skin.
  • Have animalistic appearance such as whiskers, blackened nose, tiger stripes, etc.
Cost Summary
150XP8Detect Concealed or Sense Magic
2100XP8Sense Truth or Stupefy
3150XP8Wild Snare or Wild Touched
4200XP8Astral Step or Astral Charm
5250XP8Trusting Voice or Conceal Soul
6300XP8Invisibility or Mimic Spell
Fey Racial Powers

Detect Concealed
Character gains the ability to passively become aware of the general presence of Concealed characters and items. The character cannot pinpoint location, number, direction, or nature of the concealment but is aware that the effect is being actively used.


Sense Magic
Allows the character to gain the Sense Magic ability for free.

Sense Truth
Character gains the ability to use the Sense Truth ability once per day. This is called as “Fey Natural Sense Truth”.


Character may, once per combat, use a Stupefy effect as a packet or a point effect. This is called as “Fey Natural Stupefy”.

Wild Snare
Character may, once per combat, use a packet delivered Snare Foot effect. This is called as “Fey Wild Snare Foot”.


Wild Touched
Character may, once per combat, use a single Spell Flux as a combat ability. This expressly breaks the limit of magical defensive abilities that can be used per combat.

Astral Step
Character may, once per day, briefly cross into the Astral Plane for up to 10 steps or 10 minutes, whichever comes first. This is called as “Fey Astral Step”. While using this ability characters must (during the day) hold a strip of blue fabric at least three feet long wrapped around their hands while they are in a steeple position over the head or (during the night) hold a blue glow stick with steepled hands above their head to show that they are in the Astral Plane. This is called as “Fey Astral Step”.


Astral Charm
Character may, once per day, use a point Charm effect on a creature that is primarily native to the Spirit or Astral plane. Astral creatures will be marked by (during the day) having a blue headband and at least 2 foot long strips of blue fabric tied to each wrist or (during the night) a blue glow necklace and a blue glow bracelet on each wrist. This is called as “Fey Astral Charm”.

Trusting Voice
Character may, once per day, use a point only Dominate. This is limited to making factual statements that the target must accept as true. Wholly and obviously inaccurate statements such as “You are on fire” cannot be used. Statements such as “We are the guards here to relieve you” or “This is not the person you are looking for” are. This is called as “Fey – Dominate [Statement]”.


Conceal Soul
Character gains a passive ability to answer any “Sense X” questions they are targeted with in any one word response they wish. This expressly includes complete nonsense answers such as “Sense Life?”/”Purple”. The fey character must be conscious to make use of this ability. When unconscious the character must answer all questions with “No”.

Character may, once per day, use a self only Invisibility effect. While invisible they must keep their hands steepled above their head. This is called as “Fey – Natural Invisibility”.


Mimic Spell
Character may, once per day, use a Mimic effect to copy a single packet spell that has been cast/activated within the last 10 seconds and within 10 feet. This is called as “Fey – Magic [Spell Name]”.

Inspiration Images

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