It has been several months since the Heroes of Verinfall defeated the crazed dragon Zahak in his attempts to capture the northern ruins of Verinfall. By all accounts the battle was hard fought and many combatants died in the endeavor. However since that night the events of the world have been comparatively tame.
Duke Andrew Rein of Wintonia has consolidated the might of the Alteran Military and the Paladins of Altera while Duchess Cervon of Rince has unified the power of the nobles in the name of her granddaughter, though she has done so without formally taking the title of “Warden of the Realms”.
The demon lords reported to be ruling Calakmel have made no more advance on lands after their failure to take Hightower Keep and the loss of Zahak. Yet the world is still at war, and something stirs in the night air. Rumors begin to trickle in of strange happenings in the lands near Verinfall. Sightings of long lost loved ones, a babbling voice heard floating on the night’s breeze, and of the corpses of Verinfall Guard scouts found ice cold to the touch in the light of the morning. But by the burning logs of the tavern fire Bards tell tales of the noble heroes who have held back the darkness and spreading the hope that they will continue to overcome whatever new threats loom in the darkness.
Newly forged blades grind upon whetstones and knives carve the shafts of fresh arrows. Guards grunt with the exertion of their training while wagons groan under the heavy weight of supply demanded of them by the logistics of war. Yet this is not where the war shall be won.
Deep within the five realms the first human magi in three millennia study their art. In Larana, within the walls of Lasharin that sits in the shadow of Sophia’s tower stands this world’s first school of magic. Here the Grand Vizier of Magic Archmage Cinna guides young minds in their exploration into the mysteries of the universe.
In the northern deserts of Mathuradu lies the Dayadhvam Academy of Magic lead by Headmaster Hanno who opens his to all who can spare a few coins. Here perhaps there is no greater collection of academic writings on magic, leading some to christen it as the second coming of the Great Library of Mathuradu rebuilt one tome at a time.
The military of Moragon has taken up the study of battle magic and incorporated it into their formations with the same diligence they pay to the inlay of gold in one of their finely wrought trinkets.
In Calakmel forgotten priesthoods have arisen from the darkest corners of the Ziggurats, calling out to old gods and dark magics long lost to mortal memory.
And to those who are paying attention to such matters it can be gleaned that the Bardic College of Altera is known to be frantically searching through their dusty tomes and libraries after three thousand years of decidedly choosing to forget all they once knew on magic. It is through the work of these schools that the war is hoped to be won.
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