Marching Orders

Residents, travellers, and guests of Verinfall and surrounding area:

As Altera, and by that I mean this whole land not the specific nation, faces the greatest crisis since the Exile I feel it necessary to share some general overview of our general military strategy so that all may be prepared.

We face an unknown enemy but it appears based on recent encounters as well as historical documents that we will be outnumbered and likely out matched in combat ability.  Such forces may seem impossible to defeat however we must be confident in history that our ancestors were once successful against this same force. They were victorious and so we shall be as well.

The practical reality is that we have too many strategic objectives to effectively achieve every one.  Hard choices must be made I have discussed our options with his Majesty Patrick XXXIX and he has agreed to follow my priorities.

Objective One

Formation of a trained, equipped, and disciplined international army prepared to resist the Demons.  

  • To this end I am immediately promoting all Duchal Paladins to the rank of Paladin of the Crown.  This immediately severs the oaths of loyalty to any specific duchy and frees each paladin to range with their forces to whatever location requires aid without respect of territory.  
  • Each Paladin of the Crown has the authority to train, draft, and command a force up to a Battalion of one thousand persons.  This is to include scouts, infantry, healers, quartermasters, and crafters of all needed supplies.
  • I am ordering three battalions to each supporting nation with the intent of immediately beginning the training of regulation military forces from the local populations.  It is my expectation that each nation will seize on the opportunity to develop their own military. Any such established military units, once properly trained, will be under the direct authority of local governments with the Alteran forces acting in support and advisory positions.  
  • Once such armies are able to hold their own territories all brigades will turn their goal towards a march on Altera from all sides.


Objective Two

Dispersal of a harrying force.  Occupy as much territory with as small a force as possible.

  • It is recognized that we do not currently have the knowledge, resources, or ability to be effective in a direct confrontation.  
  • As such all Paladins and attached battalions will be engaging in “hit and run” tactics with the goal to cause the demon forces to overextend and provide opportunities for critical strikes when possible.  
  • Multiple proxy fortifications will be established across Altera as potential targets for Demon attack.  This will allow us to study their intelligence gathering ability as well as their tactics while drawing them away from targets that are of personal concern.  

Objective Three

As Hector The First did, we shall create a mobile tactical command that can quickly relocate based on additional immediate objectives.

  • The glaringly obvious shortcoming of this overall strategy is that the regulation army will be widely dispersed to draw as much attention as we can.
  • As such I am authorizing the creation of a mobile strike force comprised of irregular soldiers, mercenaries, and heroes.  Such was the foundation of Hector The First’s victory and I trust that it will be again.
  • This strike force will initially be centered in Verinfall, however, I expect to have temporary fortifications and missions for such a strike force in multiple areas across this world.  

Compensation to Heroes

  • Our funds to support such a strike force are limited as such I am authorizing the following incentive
  • Spoils of War.  All those who take the field in defense of Altera are entitled to whatever knowledge or resources are discovered in the course of the defense of this world.  We seek victory and will forgo riches to see that goal achieved.

The first objective of this Strike Force is to secure a large sinkhole or possible mine entrance just to the north of the Altera/Moragon border.  The local community is known as Kerch. It is currently unclear as to why but several groups of Ice Demons ranging from fifty to one hundred troops each seem to be moving towards this location and consolidating their forces as they go..  It is unclear what the strategic importance of this is but if it is the focus of the demon army then it must also be a focus for us. Regulation army battalions will provide delaying actions to make sure that basic structures can be maintained as well as being sent to hold Verinfall in absence of heroes.  We will delay and disrupt the demons as best as possible.

For Patrick.  For Altera. For Humanity.

Duke Andrew Rein of Wintonia

Lord Commander of the Unified Alteran Armies

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