Reminders & Announcements

This is a friendly reminder to submit your Event Check-out Form and IBGAs to Plot by this Sunday, January 28th! We expect to have responses back about 2 weeks before the next event (April 27th-29th). We have already begun to receive Pre-reg’s for several players for the next event.

**As a bonus to Pre-Registering, you can already reserve your Cabin and mandatory NPC Shift!**

Details for the next game:

Cost: $50 per player + optional breakfast & lunch

Date: April 27th-29th, 2018

Where: Booker T Washington State Park in Chattanooga, TN Oaks Group Camp (photos of cabins included)
(About 1hr and 45 minutes from Downtown Atlanta.)
Booker T Washington Official Website
Booker T Washington Camp Map

Event Schedule:

  • Friday:  Check-In 10 pm EST
  • Friday:  Opening Ceremonies 11 pm EST
  • Friday: Game On 11:30 EST
  • Saturday: Breakfast 9am-10:30 am ($5)
  • Saturday: Lunch 1pm – 2:30 pm ($5)
  • Saturday: Feast 7:30pm-8:30pm (Feast is covered dish main course provided)*
  • Sunday:  Closing Ceremonies: 11 am EST
  • Sunday:  Off-Site by 1 pm EST

15xp will be awarded for this event!

*There is a small kitchen with refrigerator and stove top if anyone wishes to make use of it in addition to the general food provided by the game.

Forums and Wiki

Also be sure to take advantage of the forums and the player wiki. This is a great way to connect with other players, share information and just maybe figure out some secrets of the world! Say hi!

New Players

Altera Awakens is growing quickly and we expect to have several more new players in April! If you know someone who is looking for more information about the game or is ready to jump right in, the New Players page will be most helpful. And as always, Plot is always more than happy to answer any questions.

We know that our players love to help make their game a better experience for everyone, and we love you for it! Volunteering is rewarded with Cookies, our way of thanking you and letting you enrich the game experience for yourself and others. Current needs include:

  • Tarps
  • Weapons/Armor
  • NPCs
  • Cooks

As Altera Awakens grows, we are now open to considering additional Plot/Staff members at this time. If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, shoot us an e-mail to discuss!

That’s all for now – be sure to stay tuned for more updates as they roll out via FacebookGoogle+ and, of course, the website! If you need anything, be sure to e-mail us!

Thanks and we’ll see you soon!
Altera Awakens Plot & Staff

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