Royal Proclamation of Patrick XXXIX Crown Prince of Altera

I, Patrick XXXIX Crown Prince of Altera, and Lord Regent until such time as the formal coronation can be had, formally declare that the Great Exile established by Hector I has regrettably failed.

The Elder Races that were once no more than myth have begun to slowly return and without doubt will reshape the world as we know it.  For three thousand years this has been a world ruled through the superiority of human will. Now the threat is imminent that we may once again  be oppressed by beings not of this world.  

At a gathering that we hosted in the Alteran village of Verinfall an Emissary approached the gathered persons with an offer to create rules of war, for war is inevitable, between humans and the returning Demon Hordes.  Citizens of every nation representing their own people negotiated on behalf of humanity, and bore witness to these negotiations.  Through mutual effort, terms of war were established so that we could avoid open and unrestricted warfare against ourselves.

These terms were signed by the attending representatives in good faith that their respective governments and peoples would also embrace and ratify these terms.  It is our deepest wish that all people take these terms to heart and enforce them within each nation’s respective borders so that this impending conflict can be contained where possible.

The agreements made in Verinfall are as follows:

Those who are non-combatant by word or action shall be respected; no act of warfare shall be carried out against them.

Warfare shall not be carried out by way of famine, plague, nor drought.

Battles shall be confined to afore-declared engagements of declared combatants upon an agreed field. Time of commencement shall also be agreed to; negot. by avowed messenger.

A battle is defined as an engagement of greater than 7 combatants. A party of 7 or fewer engaging in combat shall be termed a raid. No raid shall occur between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Captured combatants shall be held in good health and shall be returned (upon negotiation) in maintained health and free of any compulsion.

Anyone who break this compact shall be turned over to the opposing side as a symbol of good faith.

Further items may be negotiated at a later time.

Finally to even begin these discussions the Emissary representing the Demons had a single non-negotiable precondition which regretfully we were forced to concede for the greater good of humanity, making this a conflict with the possibility of victory in the long run.  

The Capital City of Colstean was, before the Exile, the seat of the Demon’s rule and influence on the rest of the world.  They have demanded its return to their control.  Six months from the publication of this notice the Crown of Altera shall relinquish control of its capital to the Demon Lords.  All those who do not wish to live under the oppressive hand of Demons have this six month period to make arrangements and evacuate the city.  Those who remain within the borders of Colstean after that time will be considered the willing and rightful property of the demons. The town of Verinfall will serve as the interim capital of Altera, until such a time that a suitable capital be furnished and decided upon.

I will open all trade contracts, all military treaties, and all other issues to all nations in exchange for safe harbor of any Alteran refugee who seeks shelter in other nations. Any nation wishing to renegotiate these treaties should send dignitaries to my coronation which will occur shortly before we must vacate Colstean.

May this tragedy serve to bring all nations closer together so that we may respond with one voice that the human spirit will not be broken. It is my hope, that we can unite together, and show these outsiders the true strength of humanity. This is world is our home, let’s show those aggressors that we will prevail, as one.

By my hand,

Patrick XXXIX

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