September 17th “The Awakening”

Red Top Mountain (Group Shelter #2)
11 am Est – 12 pm Est Check In
12 pm Est – 6 pm Est Game Time
Off-site by 7 pm Est

Cost: $20 (Light Lunch Provided)*

*There is a small kitchen with refrigerator and stove top if anyone wishes to make use of it in addition to the general food provided by the game staff.


It began as all avalanches do, with one small stone rolling down a mountain, unnoticed and unremarkable. It started in a field near the wagon stop of Verinfall that one small stone was found by quite by accident. A small bit of stone was uncovered by recent rains and runoff. That small stone led to ruins buried in several millennia of dirt and mud which led to a full excavation by the Bardic College. Say what you will, but the Alterans are nothing if not obsessed with their own glorious history and so this became the latest in a tradition of amazing discoveries and the topic of the day in all the best circles.

Two years later, one of the main buildings have not only been fully excavated but mostly restored into a functional tavern hall. Verinfall has seen an influx of money and resources by nobles all wishing to stake a claim to the newest discovery which has brought it from a simple cross road to the beginnings of an actual community. Perhaps this could already be a small village or even a city with the amount of money supporting the Bardic College in Verinfall but the Crown seems to like the rugged and provincial feel of Verinfall so until now it has remained largely undeveloped. In what has become the Tavern Hall, relics have been found that seem to reflect the foundations of all nations and speak to the wonders of how things were before the Great Exile.

With ancient relics now uncovered, what other option is there but to have a grand exhibition to showcase the wonders of the past age and the progress that Alteran Rule has made for the world as a whole?

Come one, come all! Philip XLIII, Crown Prince of Altera and Heir Apparent, invites dignitaries, scholars, merchants, and wanderers from all corners of the world to join him in Verinfall. Treasures of ancient times will be on display, tests of wit, martial skill, and tales of esoteric secrets are all promised.

The Crown Prince commands ambassadors from each nation to be present in order to foster good will and relations with all. The relics found are from a time before all nations and as such his Highness Prince Philip has declared the current discoveries to be the property of the world. Any and all are welcome to come, study, and share in any further discovery.


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