Quick Announcements

We have three quick announcements for Altera Awakens Larp Players.  

First- In regards to NPC shifts, if you have pre-regged you will get access to this document closer to the actual event time. You can still select your cabin now. We are giving you access to the npc shift sign up later so that we can better plan to make your event more awesome.

Second- Monster town is in need of its weapons being remade. We have players who have already agreed to remake the weapons, but we need cash donations to fund this remaking process. Our goal is to raise $300 dollars. For every two dollars you donate you will receive 1 cookie. When we achieve our goal of $300 dollars the entire player base will receive a bonus 5 XP!

Third- Monster town needs simple solid single color red, black, and yellow t...

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Marching Orders

Residents, travellers, and guests of Verinfall and surrounding area:

As Altera, and by that I mean this whole land not the specific nation, faces the greatest crisis since the Exile I feel it necessary to share some general overview of our general military strategy so that all may be prepared.

We face an unknown enemy but it appears based on recent encounters as well as historical documents that we will be outnumbered and likely out matched in combat ability.  Such forces may seem impossible to defeat however we must be confident in history that our ancestors were once successful against this same force. They were victorious and so we shall be as well.

The practical reality is that we have too many strategic objectives to effectively achieve every one...

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Reminders & Announcements

This is a friendly reminder to submit your Event Check-out Form and IBGAs to Plot by this Sunday, January 28th! We expect to have responses back about 2 weeks before the next event (April 27th-29th). We have already begun to receive Pre-reg’s for several players for the next event.

**As a bonus to Pre-Registering, you can already reserve your Cabin and mandatory NPC Shift!**

Details for the next game:

Cost: $50 per player + optional breakfast & lunch

Date: April 27th-29th, 2018

Where: Booker T Washington State Park in Chattanooga, TN Oaks Group Camp (photos of cabins included)
(About 1hr and 45 minutes from Downtown Atlanta.)
Booker T Washington Official Website
Booker T Washington Camp Map

Event Schedule:

  • Friday:  Check-In 10 pm EST
  • Friday:  Opening Ceremonies 11 pm EST
  • Frid...
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