Post Game Reminders!

Great game everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that your event feedback forms and IBGAs are due by Sunday the 28th of January at midnight. Additionally, remember that everyone gets 1 World Action and two minor actions. The minor actions can consist of any combination of research, gossip, teaching, learning, production,  or dreams provided you have the necessary prerequisite skills. Moving forward, we will have mandatory npc shifts consisting of three hours for every event, so that we can ensure the game has plenty of monsters and various npcs throughout the event. A player may choose to do extra npc time to compensate for any extra time, players will earn 2 cookies per extra hour . Further, remember that the next game is at Booker T Washington State Park, Chattanooga TN, April 27-29th. You can Pre-register now by clicking on this link here:


Pre-registering now also includes the added perks of selecting your cabin and NPC shift in advance. Keep in mind that this game will be set in Verinfall the day after evacuation is complete, and 2 hours before the demons are to take control of Colstean.

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