Patrick’s Vigil

Patrick’s Vigil

In the time of the Great War with the demons, there was a Prince who sacrificed himself and his freedom to bring the races together, Prince Patrick Eventide the First. Patrick swore allegiance to the fey court and because of that he was forced to leave his people. While many would find this prison unbearable, Patrick made the best of it as he could. He didn’t wallow in sorrow but he strived to learn as much from the fey as possible. On the occasion of his first birthday, the Queen of the fey came to Patrick and offered to grant him one wish but that wish would only last for the day.

Patrick’s wish was simple, his wish was to be able to go visit the children to make sure they were doing well despite the war. Patrick was given the ability to visit any human child by magic but only for the course of his birthday. On Patrick’s birthday, every sick child in Altera was healed, every empty table was full and the hearths burned bright with dark coal. The first year this went almost unnoticed. The second year, rumors started to fly around that Patrick had been seen and by his third birthday, it had become well-known. Many began to wait for him and greet him when he arrived with is favorite cakes and hard cider. The people began to talk about what was happening and it didn’t take long before news of this reached the ear of King Hector, Patrick’s brother.

Now it was well known that King Hector was overly distraught at the loss of his brother, so he made a plan to steal his brother back from the fey. He gathered as many of the children of Altera together in a large hall and threw a glorious feast. There was great music and dancing and glamorous decorations throughout. But in secret, Hector had Sophia and Draken lay magical traps that prevented Patrick from leaving. The night went on and many wondered if Patrick would not show. But just about midnight Patrick appeared in the hall.

“ Brother, it brings me great joy to see that in my memory you have cared so well for the children of Altera!”

“ Patrick, my dear brother, the war is nearly won! Come home now – even if the fey leave our side we have more than enough forces to end this.”

“ Brother you speak of what you do not understand, My place is there now – not here and no matter the outcome of your war it will not change for me.  But know this brother, I will, this night and every one henceforth, stand vigil of the children of this world. When it is in my power I will watch and I will know when evil threatens the children. If you care for my brother continue this, guard the innocent so that another never has to pay the cost of freedom”

“It does not matter what you wish Patrick. I have had this room spelled you cannot leave it until I have your word you will not return to the fey.”

“ Brother, I was never here, this is a mere image of my form – my body remains in the hall of the Queen of the fey where it will reside forever or as long as her will allows it.”

Then the clocked struck twelve and Patrick’s form vanished, but Hector followed the lessons and advice of his brother and so every year since, in Altera and all over the world, each town gathers their children together and celebrates Patrick Eventide the First and his love for the innocent. Some say that when the children return home they find gifts left by Patrick as he visits each child’s home.


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