Website Upgrade

Altera Awakens is enhancing the online player experience by allowing users to access their character sheet, cookie log and documents associated with their player and/or character. This project is being rolled out incrementally so we appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance and improve this project.

You can view information specific to your account here, but you must be logged in with a valid account and have an active character at Altera Awakens.

Please note Purchase’s from previous games are still being applied no need to resubmit them if you did after the last game.

If you are logged in and still cannot access your player information here, please contact the webmaster ( or Altera Awakens Plot (


Do you have an account on the Altera website? They’re free and easy!
Have you submitted a character and had it approved by Altera staff?
Does the name on your Altera website match the one you created your character under? We can help get that sorted!
Do you have a Google account so we can share your folders/documents with you?

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