A Few Notes…

1) Starting Gear, If you can use it you get a tag for it at game 1. All casters will end up with their necessary items for casting. If you’re a wizard ( you do NOT need to bring casting blocks we will provide them), If you’re a sorcerer you only need to bring a scale between 50-100g balance (we will supply the weights), Relic Casters we will supply the Phys rep for your first relic and any future relic that is found that is not a weapon, Warlocks will need a means of drawing tattoos we will provide the patterns. Sages will need a book to hold 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper. Crafters will receive a bonus amount of pre-crafted gear equal to what they could make in 1 production period at check-in. They do not have to pay the material cost for this. This is in addition to their starting gear to give them wares to sell.

2) XP, it’s helpful to know that our games award 8 XP for one day and 15xp for three days when planning your point expenditures. Also, note additional XP may be awarded to the whole player base through the cookie jar system.

3) Racials, Are not available at game 1, you are required to have spent 50xp 100xp, 150xp per time you buy a racial, You may buy racial after game 1. You are not limited to one racial however you must buy each race separately from the ground up.
Ex: you can buy elf racial at 50, and then dragon racial at 100, then elf racial at 150 and so on.

4) Spell schools are NOT exclusive you may take more than 1 but you are required to buy the school’s unique mana type separately.

If anyone has further question please reach out to us we love talking about Altera and we want to help you make the best character you can

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