Zabin Hunter

Zabin Hunter

The Zabin have their start in Calakmel but have spread to every corner of the world. The Alterans may tell you that they have had hundreds of years of peace. They may tell you that the Exile holds and there are no monsters. But then, Alterans lie. The Zabin will tell you there are monsters, but they are only found in the darkest places of the world. They are found in the dark alleys of Alteran cities, in the deepest mines of Moragon, in the farthest deserts of Mathuradu, and anywhere that society would turn a blind eye. Attacks by these “monsters” are often written off as unfortunate accidents or local acts of random violence. That is what is said in every nation in one form or another. Those that survive the attacks however, know the truth. These monsters are real. These monsters are connected. These monsters are planning. The Zabin work in small cells to track and kill the monsters when the rest of the world cannot even admit they exist.

The Zabin are often skilled trackers and specialized in various types of esoteric lore. They learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their quarry with careful study, then they execute their prey. In combat, they often rely on ambushes, traps, and ranged weapons to maximize their effectiveness, while keeping themselves safe.


  • Brutality and Dexterity attribute at tier 1 each,
  • Wear Light Armor or no armor, and abilities can only be used with ranged weapons.

Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Hunter, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Predator, 15 XP)
Master (Slayer, 20 XP)

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