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The Verinfall Archive is an in-game asset. Contributions and edits may only be made by active and approved characters who are participating in the Altera Awakens LARP. Submissions to the Verinfall Archive should always adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A registered Verinfall Archive account is necessary to contribute or edit the wiki, using your CHARACTER name as "Real Name".
  • Only submit information that your CHARACTER knows or believes. Do not submit information you only have access to as a PLAYER.
  • All information submitted here is visible to any literate PC (NPCs will not use your archived knowledge against you)
  • No anonymous or alias submissions or edits are permitted. Nor may submissions or edits be made under the guise of another PC or NPC.
  • Exercise good taste, civility and follow all the policies, guidelines and best practices of the Altera Awakens organization when using the Verinfall Archives.
  • By contributing or editing the Verinfall Archive, you grant permission for Altera Awakens to use or reproduce said content as they see fit without compensation or restriction.
  • Private Sections of the Verinfall Archives are available by request and subject to approval by Altera Awakens staff.
  • Please Note: All formulas and spell patterns are for reference purposely only and do not work as functional copies.

The General Disclaimer of the Verinfall Archives are subject to change at the discretion of Altera Awakens.