Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi

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Name: Rajavada Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi (Cinna)

Homeland: Kotravi, Mathuradu

Birth Date:

Occupation: Wizard

Groups: House Verinfall

Common Companions: Rook, Dog, Vasse, Kuuma Marux, Bastian, Micah Hightower and Arden Makepeace.

Cinna as he is commonly known, is a Mathuradu that arrived in the company of other merchants, traders and travelers in Verinfall during Patrick XXXIX's Gala on September 17, 3017 . He was among a number of visitors that vanished for a time and returned with long lost powers. Stacking small blocks in towers of various design and complexity, he has harnessed amazing powers of Wizardry.

He has shown a solid knowledge of the martial arts, a long sword and shield.

Portrayed by: Brandes Stoddard

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