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Name: Kuuma Marux [Coo-ma Ma-roo]

Homeland: Akaad, Calakmel

Birth Date: June 20th

Occupation: Fighter, Smith

Race: Dragon

Common Companions: Sir Micah Hightower, Cinna, Dog

Kuuma is a fighter, typically donning metal plate armor with accent leather. She fights with a macuahuitl (right-handed) and a medium shield. She is always in the company of Sir Micah Hightower, an Alteran Knight. She is highly curious but that often gets her into trouble, but she can fight well enough to claw herself back out. Upon leaving her home in Akaad she has yet to meet many others outside of her own culture. Most of her interactions are with Alterans, which can be less than desirable at times, but somewhat necessary in her workings of trying to smooth over Calakmel/Alteran relations. She worships Quetzalcoatl, a dragon from Calakmel mythos. It is of note that she doesn't approve of human sacrifice. While she has her own loyalties, she understands the importance of helping Altera in the fight against the demons.

As she grows as both a fighter and a person, her body changes to mimic some characteristics of dragons. Her eyes are a golden orange/yellow in color, and she's grown a pair of brown horns.

September 17, 3017

Kuuma arrived for the Verinfall festivities with Sir Micah Hightower. Among these festivities it was Kuuma that found the direct link to Bronwyn y Fwyall, Paladin of the Crown and the mysterious note hinting at an attack. Actions could not be taken until after the ceremonies had begun, but it was too late. Kuuma was among the few that were forced to take on the Ice Golems. During the fights she, Sir Micah Hightower, and others, managed to stop the kidnapping/assassination of Patrick XXXIX. It is also of note that Kuuma would be happy if she never had to fight another rat.

After meeting with other fighters, healers and merchant-folk of different cultures, Kuuma has had her eyes opened to other walks of life. While she dislikes the general 'snobbish' behavior of the standard Alteran, she was pleasantly surprised at the lack of hostilities against her culture while in Verinfall. It is unclear where her whereabouts are post September 17th, but it is safe to assume it probably includes smithing and fighting. She sent a note to her deity via Alias, but has yet to hear back on The Feathered Serpent's preferred name.

January 13, 3018

Kuuma arrived in Colstean for the Coronation Gathering. With no evil paladins to expose, she spent most of her time socializing since her partner Micah was away rubbing elbows with the Alteran nobility. She stuck to her strong suits: sparring, eating, and sitting in front of the fire. Given that there would be experienced smiths, she brought along all of her materials and gear, including a Minotaur's severed head from a prior battle. While she did not participate in the riddles or card games, she did participate in the Grand Melee where she came in second place, losing to Micah Hightower via a well struck chest blow. It would be the second time she needed healing during the festivities. The first was due to a possession from an unknown spirit which forced her to attempt to kill herself.

She and 9 others ventured into mysterious portals conjured by the Wizards attending to get keys for a mysterious artifact that let the Wizards peer into a different world, where they conversed with a Demon. She received an award: The Order of the Silver Star. The Coronation started shortly after. Kuuma was requested to crown Prince Patrick XXXIX which she accepted, although she is still confused as to why he chose her. The Duke of Sart attempted a political fuss but was promptly hushed and quelled thanks to the political prowess of people that aren't her. While she had no hand in that, it is the only time she was able to toss a severed Minotaur head onto the floor in front of a king at a Coronation to prove a point, shortly after crowning said king. All in all, Kuuma was pleased with the events.

April 27, 3018

Kuuma was part of a small group that attempted to move the throne and crown from Colstean before the demons arrived. While she cannot use magic, she was able to use her smithing skills to assist with a ceremony that helped them move the throne into the Dreaming. Kuuma and Dog became vessels for the elementals of Shadow and Light respectively. Once they gained the assistance of The Midnight Wyrm, she was able to move Shadow back into it's vessel and go to Verinfall. From there she attended the court of Radiance with those from Calakmel. A few from other cultures were allowed to come and watch, as long as they had open minds. Kuuma chose Vasse to accompany her for both her open mind/skills, as well as a friendly familiar face for the impending uncomfortable situation. It is easy to worship a dragon when one is not staring face to face with Radiance. It is harder when the deity of an entire country is right in front of you. Kuuma was respectful and fearful: she held her tongue. That is the way of Calakmel.

Other adventures included meeting Quetzalcoatl. Both Calakmel focuses of religion were not what was expected. This hardened Kuuma's resolve to find the final seal to release the dragon's memories and restore them back to the way they once were. She fought mutated humans, the Minotaur once more, and humanoid sand creatures. She and Micah had to leave early for a scouting mission and unfortunately missed the battles with the demons and magical creatures. She is incredibly sad about this, and plans on being present for the next large battle.

June 15, 3018

Kuuma was very excited to visit Kerch, in Moragon. Her horns had grown in and being so close to the land of the dragons was exhilarating. After accompanying a group of adventurers to a mysterious tower that appeared in Larana, she set sights to Kerch. Almost immediately upon arrival she got word of giant lizards, skeletons, a mysterious Oracle, and many other adventures. Upon the first night of arrival though, Kuuma simply caught up with the adventurers she knew and went on patrol. While she didn't know much of the politics (yuck) of Moragon, she did meet the second bride of Shadow. He resembled Radiance with the same vampiric powers. The difference between the two was a distinct personality difference as well as the ability to create Lycanthropes. By the end of the festivities, Kuuma had assisted in subduing the previous Overseer and watching as others took out the vampire with the help of a dagger forged from the beast's first coin.

Kuuma traveled to a strange underwater Ziggurat in Calakmel with the help of Aketon and teleportation. She, and the others attending, learned very valuable information that conflicted with both the history of Altera as well as their Calakmel teachings. Unfortunately they couldn't take any paper, so a lot of the details had to be remembered by others with stronger minds than Kuuma. She had a bout with a few lizards and took a particular liking to one attempting to get to the gem Arden Makepeace had won many months ago. She could hear a heartbeat coming from it, and a pair of voices when touched. It wasn't until later that they found out it was Seer Cassandra (From the Past) and Zahhak the Undying within the prison. When Cassandra had attempted a Divination on the gem, she'd been locked inside too. Because of this, the gem prison was past capacity. Despite their best efforts, there wasn't anything they could do to stop it. They had until around midnight. Gifted with fae magic as a gift (in exchange for a brief promotion) Kuuma tried to speak to the lizards who simply wanted to "bring back father's children." Footsoldiers for Zahhak was not a good idea.

As the battle with Zahhak got closer, they decided to take the prison out to the field so they'd have room to possibly take Zahhak down. The plan was to flee, though. Unknown to Kuuma, who had touched the gem in an attempt to understand it better earlier in the day, she'd had a pending mind domination. Once Zahhak broke free (a very large, large dragon) he dominated her mind and had her stop those around her from fleeing. After almost killing a few and trying to slow down others, she took to blocking the fence so that others couldn't escape. After being freed with a 'Light Cleanse,' she unfortunately had to flee with the rest of her comrades instead of fight. This was a blow to both Kuuma's pride and confidence, as Zahhak had taken over her mind without so much as a bead of sweat. Kuuma was reserved for the rest of the night before she retired early, contemplating her next moves.

August 17, 3018

After returning from her smithing training in Moragon, Kuuma reconvened with her companions in Larana. While she was not necessarily looking forward to the political event, it was nice to see everyone after the Zahhak disaster a few months prior. Kuuma arrived, brandishing a new sword and had a bit more confidence because of it. Her focus continued to revolve around breaking the final Seal (Blood) and finding a way to defeat Zahhak. It wasn't until she was helping escort a mysterious fey woman that she was propositioned with a deal. If she were to die in the river to send a message to this creature's dead lover, they would get a pair of flowers needed to break the seal. Micah Hightower attempted to take the sacrifice, but was unable. Kuuma, under the idea that they'd be able to resuscitate her body on the shorelines of the river after she drowned, accepted. According to her, it was a very peaceful, painless death. Unfortunately, they were not able to find her body in enough time to resuscitate.

Kuuma was sent through a strange trial as a dead spirit and was able to come back to the land of the living as a normal spirit. With the assistance of her comrades, she was revived from her death. According to her, "it had to be done" in order for the seal to be broken. Not wanting to risk a fight with the fey, Kuuma said she would do it again if it was needed. Outside of the speaker election, Kuuma fought a various array of shadow cats, worms, as well as a giant worm that she helped tank with Micah, Cinna, and Cimil as a shotcaller. Armed with a new outlook on life, Kuuma is as excited as ever to continue forward to break the remaining seal and take on Zahhak once more. Political events were never her forte, and this one has only solidified that dislike.

Portrayed by: Samantha Moody

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