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Name: Arden Makepeace

Homeland: Moragon

Birth Date: Unknown

Occupation: Mercenary

Groups: House Verinfall

Common Companions: Rook, Dog, Vasse, Cinna, Kuuma Marux, Bastion, Micah Hightower, Berthold Smith

Arden is a heavily armored warrior typically clad in piecemeal armor, carrying a large shield and long sword. While obviously no longer a young man, he bears himself well and doesn't flinch from a challenge. He can be terse and direct but rarely rude.

He has declared his intention to dwell in Verinfall for the time being.

Arden is an enthusiastic consumer of Moragoni Cave Rations and frequent contributor to the Verinfall Archives.

During the events of September 17, 3017 in Verinfall he was among those that disappeared from the gathering hall only to appear some time later with tales of strange puzzles, magical events and mysterious voices. Afterwards, he accounted for himself well, fighting numerous giant rats, dire wolves and ice-hurling demons. He also assisted in capturing the rogue/traitor paladin of Prince Patrick XXXIX.

During the events of the gathering of April 27, 3018, Arden was part of a group of adventurers who mystically transported the Throne and Crown of Altera from the demon-besieged city of Colstean to an undisclosed location, presumably in the vicinity of Verinfall. In the days to follow he participated in many events, including:

  • Repelling parties from the demonic forces from passing through Verinfall to attack Moragon.
  • Helping rescue locals suffering from Dragonpox and those that had already succumbed.
  • Uncovering and defeating a band of murderous brigands that were preying on locals and travelers.
  • Served as the town's "Second" in the role Moragon Representative to King Patrick.
  • Defending against attacks from ensorcelled monsters on the control of a deranged immortal.

In June 3018, he and others traveled to Sophia's Tower in Larana with stories of a failed wizard casting, powerful guardians and tome full of previously unknown wizard spells.

During the events of the gathering of June 15, 3018, Arden traveled to Kerch on the border of Moragon where he was involved with many events including:

  • Exploring the monster and relic infested sinkhole and caverns in the area
  • Repelling the attacks of various monsters and undead as they attacked the town
  • Revealing the treachery of the murderer/assassin, Vladimir Vissarionovich Slagiron and assisting in bringing him to justice.
  • Assisted in bringing down the vampire, Grigori Vladmir Yanovich who was controlling the previous Overseer or Moragon.
  • Assisting in negotiations between Joseph IIyich Bronhstein and the Foreman of Moragon in his transition to Overseer.
  • Guarding the The Great Ruby until such time he and his fellow adventurers could control its release of Zahhak the Undying dragon and the seeress Cassandra.

Portrayed by: Geoffrey Fortier

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