Slag Iron Soak

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Of all the Maglized Metals, Slag Iron is the most willing to work with. Almost too easy. It flows almost as if it was a liquid. This may not be the most efficient way to use it but I find that I like for my students to follow this process when first introduce them to slag iron.

Prepare a blade of pure copper do not worry about the durability the slag iron will strengthen it beyond that of normal steel. If you have not worked with copper weapons before be careful to to shape it carefully and watch for flaws in the lines. The blade will become near impossible to shape after the next few steps. So take great care in this process. Along the center of your blade engrave a grove just so slightly so that it might cup the liquid iron. Once your blade is finished set it aside and let it rest.

Refine your Slag iron, this can be a lengthy process as slag iron has the horrible trait of being full of imperfections. I suggest several hours of sifting the iron through fine filters sieves if possible use a mithril sive it tends to purify the slag iron much faster. Although that is quite costly for a simple project as this.

After your Slag iron has reached a smooth consistency we will begin the pore. This is the only difficult step in the slag soak you want to keep the groove in the top of your weapon full as possible at all times to allow the slag iron to constantly merge with the copper. Continue the pore until the copper has taken on a reddish glow all over. Fill the grove to the top and let the blade cool for a few hours.

That's all there is to it honey, Love Dad'

PS: Sorry i couldn't be home for your 10th birthday, I am so glad you're taking your smithing seriously i included the alchemical formula for Slag Fire have some made and test out your work :) Happy Birthday.

Item - Copper Slag (Insert Any Bladed Weapon)

CP (Smithing 1) - 10

Effect - 1 Per Day Absorb Slag Fire, 1 Per Day Resist Destruction

Duration - 6 Events

MU - 10 Copper Units (Rare), 10 Slag Iron Units (Rare), 6 MU, 2 Magic Quintessence (Brown or Clear)