September 17, 3017

From Verinfall Archives

On this day in history the following events occurred:

  • A trading caravan composed of Arden Makepeace, Dog, Elarenin Scholar Vasserachte Dhavadhyam Kotravi, Sojourner Navika, Rajavada Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi, and others arrived in the town of Verinfall.
  • The royal bard recited a lengthy and formal telling of the Hector Dynasty's victory over magic and of the other kingdoms of the continent.
  • While Prince Patrick XXXIX performed some example of his heroic legacy, an event occurred which caused numerous persons gathered in the hall to disappear, only to appear some time later with tales of strange puzzles, magical events and mysterious voices. Some were able to manifest legendary magic abilities upon their return.
  • Icy demons entered and attacked the gathering hall in multiple waves, some attacking with claws while others hurled damaging and restraining magic. Many left behind various forms of Quintessence when dispatched.
  • The paladin and guardian of Prince Patrick XXXIX attacked the prince and had to be subdued by Kuuma Marux, Arden Makepeace, and others. Upon questioning, he seemed mad stating that "two threads were cut and a third remained". He later escaped with assistance from (supposed) conspirators.
  • A man calling himself Joseph IIyich Bronhstein spoke enthusiastically at length about the hardships of the common folk, particularly in Moragon and extolled concepts of collective ownership and communal governance. He repeatedly called for the dissolution of the ruling powers of Moragon.
  • A contract between the Lords of the Elements & Directions Cardinal and the collected armies of Verinfall was brokered. (Text to follow)
  • Rats and Wolves of enormous size attacked those that wandered to far from the gathering hall. Formula, Spell Patterns, Slag Iron, Terradium, Orichalcum, and Mithril were recovered from their corpses.
  • Several potent plants and flowers were retrieved from the surrounding forest by those skills in those arts.
  • Solicitors for a traveling troupe calling themselves Maester Magoo's Mystical Menagerie of Mysterious Monsters distributed flyers announcing an upcoming performance in the Dutchy of Wintonia and, a month hence, in Verinfall.

Documents discovered/generated on this day in Verinfall: