Seal of the Dragon’s Will (Letter)

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A letter in (presumably) ancient demonic taken from the pocket of the Fey Emissary, attributed to Sanat Varsha. A translated/deciphered version appears below the primary text, courtesy of Arden Makepeace and Rajavada Cinna Satyavarha Kotravi.

Seal of the Dragon’s Will

By my name Zahhak the
Undying, I make this
contract with Ziratbau
the Eternal Avalanche
Imperatrix of the Earth
Kuhul Ajaw of the East
by this (i) bind you
terror and force of
will let the voice of
my kin become feeble
and inspire terror no
more let my mi(n)(d) be
clear and immovable
empowered by the words
of my master may this
bind in secrecy so
none but the
enlightened sage may
see the truth answer
my cunning break the
seal and set your fate

A strange earthen
house that brings
naught but disdain and
yet those who stay
there never do