Scouting Report: September 3017

From Verinfall Archives

  • The exhibition is going to be held in what appears to be some a building from the excavation site. There is a platoon of knights who have secured the building. They are under the direct command of Dame Bronwyn y Fwyall, Paladin of the Crown, and personal guard of Prince Patrick XXXIX. Assistance is not needed.

Casual Observations:

  • The platoon seems to be camped just down the road from where the exhibition will be held however they are out of sight. They are likely going to stay that way unless needed. If something does happen you would guess they are at best five minutes away at a full run.
  • To the north of what will be the main hall is the entrance to the main excavation. Talking to a few people from the Bardic College they believe this complex predates The Exile and have not been able to accurately judge its size yet. It is certainly larger and more complex in construction than any fortification you know of in Altera.
  • There is only one main road to the hall however it is surrounded by open woodland which would, at best only provide limited resistance to people on foot.

Speaking to others:

  • The Platoon and the excavation has become quite the sight attracting attention from local serfs who have never seen such pageantry before. One serf, Osbert by name, who is tied to a plot of land just to the north where the main road forks tells of a group of travelers who have made camp near his farm. There is a small tent and four guards. "I swears by the light I do. Ain’t never seen the likes. Shields from knee to shoulder and all bristly with spears. Tried to offer some bread I did and they right well told me to bugger off. Not with words either mind you. Those pig stickers they have woulda run me through and I don’t doubt they woulda slept just fine ifn they decided to do’t."
  • Osbert’s story is mostly true to his word; about a quarter day’s walk you find a tent surrounded by four guards. You may never have served in a active war yourself but you know enough to recognize combat veterans when you see one. As you start a civil and controlled approach all four seamlessly step into single line formation, shields locked and spears all set towards you. The message is clear. Do not approach. Your help is not needed or wanted. Any further inquiry will need to wait until the day of the exhibition.