Ruins of Verinfall

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The Ruins of Verinfall are a collection of ancient structures in various states. Many seem to lay underground and sealed from ordinary access by mundane means (but possibly magical ones, as well).

Some diviners have seen visions of the ruins "opening" in the near future but precise details seem elusive.

Many artifacts, both mundane and magical, have been found at the ruins. The following list is by no means complete:

Le-croix-grimoire-1.jpg Le Croix Grimoire: A small, green leather book containing notes and rituals by Maghdella Le Croix, self-professed First Witch of the Crescent Sickle Coven. This item was on offer as a prize at the Coronation Gathering of Patrick XXXIX.
Vfa giant-ruby.jpg The Great Ruby: A ruby of prodigious size, also offered as a prize at the Coronation Gathering of Patrick XXXIX. After spirited competition and genial cooperation by many parties, it was claimed as the Riddle Contest prize by House Verinfall.
Vfr dragon-banner.jpg Dragon Banner: A black banner with a metallic dragon crest, wings displayed and elevated.
Vfr elf-market-door.jpg Elven Market Doorway: A small wooden model of a doorway, with the magical ability to transport individuals to the "Elven Market".
Vfa clay-statue-calakmel.jpg Clay Head Statue: A smaller than life simplified/stylized head with coarse black hair. Of Calakmel design and radiating Warlock magic.
Vfa leather-bound-chest.jpg Leather Bound Box: A small chest finished in light brown leather.
Vfa small-calakmel-statue.jpg Small Gargoyle Statuette: A clay or earthenware gargoyle statue of Calakmel design radiating Warlock magic.
Vfr banner-serpent.jpg Serpent Banner: A black banner bearing the metallic silver image of a rearing serpent.
Vfr banner-winged-helm-swords.jpg Winged-Helm Banner: A green banner bearing the symbol of a winged helm, with crossed swords beneath and a three vertical diamonds to the right and left of it.
Vfr black-stone-floral-cup.jpg Black Stone Cup: A black stone cup or mortar with a deeply engraved floral design.
Vfr cracked-greenish-vase.jpg Cracked Glazed Vase: A porcelain vase with a running glaze of green and light brown, chipped and cracked away in places.
Vfr glass-fleur-vase.jpg Glass Fleur Bottle: An empty and uncorked brown glass bottle bearing a large, raised fleur-de-lis pattern.
Vfr double-headed-eagle-banner.jpg Double Eagle Banner: A black banner bearing a metallic gold eagle with two heads pointed left and right.
Vfr golden-chalice.jpg Gleaming Chalice: A medium-sized of bronze or gold chalice with double handles.
Vfr hat-maiden-stone-vase.jpg Stone Vase: A tall, elegant stone vase engraved with olive tree and maiden holding a hat.
Vfr jeweled-metal-vase.jpg Gem-Studded Vase: A tall vase of bronze. Heavily engraved with a floral motive and small red gems embedded.
Vfr leeches-unknown-substance.jpg Leech Jar: A small jar containing leeches in an unknown mauve liquid, sealed with wax. Radiated magic, "'living", perhaps Alchemical as well.
Vfr metal-pitcher.jpg Metal Pitcher: A pitcher with light surface corrosion, such as those used for water, wine or oil.
Vfr moragon-boxes.jpg Moragon Boxes: A pair of small boxes of Moragon design. One banded with metal, the other, smaller and purple. Dispensed to Moragon nations for return to their homeland.
Vfr ornate-box-calakmel.jpg Ornate Wooden Box: A wooden box, carved with a weaving pattern and metallic leaf paint of Calakmel design. Radiated ties to Relic magic.
Vfr pegasus-stars-banner.jpg Pegasus Banner: A white banner bearing a rearing metallic mauve Pegasus, above which hang three stars.
Vfr preserved-infant-lizard.jpg Preserved Lizard: A wax-sealed glass jar contained a preserved infant lizard in an unknown green liquid.
Vfr stone-diffuser-candle.jpg Stone Oil Diffuser: A small two-piece (oil bowl and candle stand) stone diffuser. Carved with a sun image.
Vfr white-porcelain-vase.jpg Fine Porcelain Vase: A rounded vase of fine white porcelain, of Mathuradu design.