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Moragon has a reputation among outsiders as being a harsh place to live, populated by a serious and practical folk. Due to their insular nature and limited interaction with outsiders, much of what is known about them outside their borders is limited or speculative.

Moragon is bordered to the north by the Kingdom of Altera. To the south is the sea, but there are no known ports or harbors. Only one major road leaves Moragon and it runs northward to Verinfall before radiating out to other lands. Moragon's three rivers drain northward, eventually finding their way to Lake Hekla.



Legends maintain that Moragon was carved out of the mountains by a "dragon saint" that then departed, but most maintain this is a fable or parable and not to be taken literally.

Saint Dragon Vasuki was a real dragon. Please refer to the Dragon section of the Archives for more details.


The ambitions of Alterans is still fresh in the memory of many Moragoni. Only two generations ago, King Patrick XLIII launched an invasion attempt. Although they initially experienced some minor success, they were unable to penetrate a single dome. Defeated, they withdrew with heavy losses.

Climate & Geography


  • Dome Vorshi: The fabled capital of Moragon and the only portion of mountain kingdom the few outsiders that visit ever see. Matters of external trade, governance and diplomatic contact all occur in Dome Vorshi. It is perhaps one of the most heavily fortified places in Altera, and history is filled with episodes in which the Moragon simply sealed their mountain nation to wait out the chaos and threats of the "outside" world.



Flora & Fauna

  • Sebranya Pauk: A docile, fist-sized spider turned aggressive and man-sized post magical awakening.
  • Zmaj: A large quadruped lizard species.



The mineral wealth of Moragon is legendary among the realms of Altera. From deep inside their mountain homes, their Digger class extract all manner of metals and valuable minerals from the earth often in harsh conditions with only the dim glow of a Moragon Miner's Lantern to light the way. Their Artisans craft these resources into weapons, tools and objects of art.

Among all the nations, Moragon is one of the most industrial, engaging in large scale processing and smelting.



The trade network between Moragon, Altera and Larana is one of the most robust in the realms. Moragon produces raw materials such utilitarian metals,high-quality as well as finished goods to Altera for gold coin, which they, in turn, use to buy supplies and goods from Larana.



Until recently, Moragon was an appointed matriarchal monarchy, with social mobility existing in the form of a limited meritocracy. Recently, however, a male Overseer was selected after the troubled rule of Yuliana Ontanova with the popular support of the common folk as well as approval of most Foreman. The future shape and nature of Moragon government seems to be influx and may continue to evolve in the months and years to come.

Shale are native Moragoni who have left the country to seek opportunity or perform some function beyond its borders. The term "Shale" is no longer a punishment term. All Moragoni are welcome to come and go from the Domes as they please, as long as they remain faithful to Moragon.


Literature & Music

According to legend, Moragon maintains a large and detailed library on a variety of topics, though there is focus on Moragon history, ancient history, industry and craft. If it exists, the library is not generally available to outsiders, but dispensations might be granted or a native might be able to negotiate the retrieval of information.

In the short periods of recreation and inactivity Moragoni observe, listening to or telling tales are quiet popular. Parables expressing Moragon values, fables of times and events long past, tales of monstrous threats, and stories of adversity and hardship overcome with hard work, perseverance and ingenuity, are all popular, as are puzzles, riddles and tests of wit.



Leisure & Holidays

  • Digger Appreciation Day: An annual celebration where the working class miners of Moragon observe a work holiday. Members of other classes traditionally engage in the mining as a show of appreciation for the toil essential to the nation's industry and trade. The day often ends with drinking, feasting, storytelling and general revelry. In 3018, Digger Appreciation Day will fall on June 16th.

Notable Persons