Contract for the Rules of War

From Verinfall Archives

Contract between the Lords of the Elements & Directions Cardinal and the collected armies of Verinfall

The capital city of the nation of Altera is returned to its ancestral holders. Before this, time sufficient to allow all residents who wish to evacuate will be allotted (6 months from a formal, public announcement of same). Public announcement to occur no later than 1 month from signing.

  • Those who are non-combatant by word or action shall be respected; no act of warfare shall be carried out against them.
  • Warfare shall not be carried out by way of famine, plague, nor drought.
  • Battles shall be confined to afore-declared engagements of declared combatants upon an agreed field. Time of commencement shall also be agreed to; negot. by avowed messenger.
  • A battle is defined as an engagement of greater than 7 combatants. A party of 7 or fewer engaging in combat shall be termed a raid. No raid shall occur between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  • Captured combatants shall be held in good health and shall be returned (upon negotiation) in maintained health and free of any compulsion.
  • Anyone who break this compact shall be turned over to the opposing side as a symbol of good faith.
  • Further items may be negotiated at a later time.

(Signatures from those representing Altera, Larana, Mathuradu, Moragon, Calakmel, and the Lords of the Elements & Directions Cardinal follow)