Weapons and Armor Skills

Weapon Phys Rep Requirements

Weapon type Min/max total length min/max blade striking surface
Small Weapon 16”-20” 12”-16”
Short Weapons 24”-33” 18”-27”
Long Weapons 36”-48” 28”-40”
Staff (2 handed) 60”-72” The middle 3’ of the staff is the grip area.  Everything outside that area is striking surface
Spear (1 or 2 handed) 51”-57” 41”-47” haft / 8” or more spearhead
Polearm/Great Weapons (2 handed) 60”-72” 30”-45”
Ranged Weapons Physical requirements Weapon Description
Small Ranged Weapons Closed Cell Foam – 6”-12” max Thrown Weapons
Medium Ranged Weapons Crossbows (foam dart crossbows only)
Large Ranged Weapons

(requires annual safety course)

Long Bows or Recurve Bows.  35lbs maximum draw with safety approved arrows.  (Nerf Bows do not need safety course)
Shield size Maximum Diameter Maximum Area
Buckler 12 inches 113 square inches
Small Shield 18 inches 254 square inches
Medium Shield 26 inches 531 square inches
Large Shield 36 inches 1080 square inches
Armor type Appearance/Material requirements Coverage Requirements
1-2 point Light Armor Light leather that is setting appropriate Must cover at least one wound location
3-4 point Medium Armor Studded leather, Boiled leather at least 1/4th inch Must cover torso and at least 50% of two limbs
5 point Heavy Armor Chainmail, brigandine, overlapping scale plate Must cover torso and at least 50% of every limb.
6 point Encased Armor Solid plate, SCA full body armor, Must fully cover torso and at least 75% of all limbs


Weapon Skills

Anyone can pick up a basic weapon and intuitively understand the basic use.  Sharp/Heavy bits hit the other person.  No special training is needed to understand how to thrust with a dagger or how to bash with a hammer.  Using weapons to block attacks and not get hurt in the process however is a bit more complicated.  Any player may pick up any weapon and attack with it however if they are using it unskilled then any strikes against the weapon are taken as successful hits on that character’s arm.  For that reason most travelers take the time to familiarize themselves with at least the basics of some kind of weapon use.

Small Weapons – 1 xp

Short Weapons – 2 xp

Long Weapons – 4 xp

Staff – 4 xp

Spear – 6 xp

Great Weapons – 8 xp

Pole Arms – 10 xp

Small Ranged – 3 xp

Medium Ranged – 6 xp

Large Ranged – 8 xp


Dual Weapon Skills

Likewise it is easy for most people to safely use a single weapon without causing themselves significant injury.  The chance of slicing your own wrist while trying to wield 2 weapons however increases significantly as the off hand weapons grow in size.  For this reason anyone who wants to dual wield in any capacity needs to learn the finer points before they can safely take part in basic travels and adventure.  All dual weapon skills are considered to include any lesser skill inherently.

Ambidexterity – Allows for the use of an off hand dagger – 5 xp

Florentine – Allows for the use of up to a short weapon in the off hand – 8 xp

Twin Weapons – Allows for the use of a long weapon in each hand – 10 xp


Shield Skills

Shields are one of the backbones of every adventuring party and army the world has ever seen.  They are easy to learn how to use and pound for pound provide more personal protection than anything else.  The question should never be “Do I need a shield?” but should always be “Do I have a reason to not have a shield?”


Bucklers – 1 xp

Small Shield – 2 xp

Medium Shield – 3 xp

Large Shield – 4 xp

Armor Skills

Professional adventurers and soldiers are often easily identified by one obvious item.  They almost always have armor.  Whether a light leather vest, boiled leather cuirass, chainmail, or plate armor is sometimes the only thing protecting you from the opponent’s strikes.  Armor can be cumbersome and it can be expensive at the higher ends but the only question that really matters at the end of the day is “What is your life worth?”

Light Armor (1-2 points) can be worn by anyone without any special skill needed.  Players must have armor tags purchased or found in game but there are no other requirements.

Medium Armor (3-4 points) – 3 xp

Heavy Armor (5 points) – 5 xp

Encased Armor (6 points) – 7 xp