Tracking is the mundane skill of being able to follow another person by reading trail signs such as boot prints, broken twigs, bits of clothe, etc.  Basic tracking allows for very limited success under very limited conditions but with each additional level of tracking purchased increases the circumstances where tracking can be successful.  Your base tracking ability is equal to your level in tracking ( ie tracking level 1 allows you to follow green trails). Multiple trackers may always pull their collective knowledge to follow a trail that would be individually impossible to follow.  A tracking party can be no more than seven people in total. Sequential tags will always indicate so at the front of the tag. Event Tags may be indicated on the front of the tag or in the envelope.

Tracking Markers

Tracking Markers are marks of cloth through the woods that allow a Tracker to note someone passed through here. Advanced tracking notes may be attached to some markers if you can follow the trail you can also read any notes on the front of the card. If the combined tracking score with applicable lores is greater than the tracking difficulty number on the front of the card you may open the envelope and share the knowledge on the back of the card with your group. If you cannot resolve the tracking difficulty of the tag by matching the skill requirement, you can still resolve it blindly. Applicable lores increase the tracking score by 1. Your Tier is your base tracking score.

  • Green: Basic Trails can be followed by anyone with Tracking.
  • Yellow: Difficult Trails can be followed by an Intermediate Tracker or 3 Basic Trackers.
  • Red: Very little trail markings left, requires a Master Tracker, or 3 Intermediate Trackers or 1 Intermediate Tracker and 6 Basic Trackers.

Any color cloth may be used with an additional number to show the difficulty of special trails.

EXAMPLE Tracking Tag :

Tag Color:Yellow Tag

Tag Front: Tag#: IVD   Tracker Difficulty: 6            Lores:  Medium Forest, Fresh Tracks, Animal Tracking  *Part 4 of 4. EVENT* If you can resolve the tracker difficulty with your group, then open up this envelope. Remember lores add to your tracker level. If not turn this tag in immediately to Monster Town with whatever group is with you.


Tag Description: “Light flashes again and you see a silhouette it appears to be quadrupedal, are those..scales?”  *EVENT* Take this tag immediately to Monster town to resolve with your current party.


Basic (Survivalist, 5 XP)

Gains one basic ability for free.


Cost: 5 XP

Survivalists can tell if an animal has bits of material that can be traded or used in place of coin for item production.  This may be fur, bone, skin, or other such materials.  A searching three count (“Skinning 3, Skinning  2, Skinning 1”) is required to determine if there are items of use.  It takes a full minute of effort to successfully harvest the goods.

Trail Signs

Cost: 5 XP

This allows Trackers to use any Lores skills they have to assist in the Tracking. This includes a monster Lores, and area based Lores that have been learned in-play. You also gain one of the following Tracking specific Lore skills for free with purchase.

  • Fresh Tracks
  • Man Hunting
  • Light Forest
  • Fair Weather Tracking
  • Tracking through Mud


Cost: 5 XP

Survivalists are able to travel through nature making their own trails as needed.  If they take notice of something in the woods they are able to create a trail for themselves or a small party even when there is no actual trail to follow.  This allows Survivalists to leave trail signs of their own that are rank 0 / 1.

Intermediate (Scout, 10 XP)

Must have two Basic abilities. Gains one Intermediate ability for free.

Nature Friend

Cost: 5 XP

Scouts are so at home with the wilderness that they can present themselves as completely non-threatening to most forms of wild animal that they are facing.  By keeping their hands empty, moving no faster than a walk, and taking no aggressive actions such as loud yelling a Scout tricks the animal into treating them as another of their kind.  At best they will be completely ignored and at worst they will be the last person targeted by the animals.  This requires a three count (“Nature Friend 1, Nature Friend 2, Nature Friend 3”) and then the players must keep hands outstretched to their side.

Improved Trail Signs

Cost: 5 XP (Requires Trail Signs. Each specialty can be purchased  once.)

This doubles the effectiveness of Lores skills they have to assist in the tracking. this includes a monster Lores, and area based Lores that have been learned in-play. You also gain one of the following tracking specific Lore skills for free with purchase.

  • Tracks are not more than two days old
  • Tracking in storms
  • Tracking a small party (up to 10 people)
  • Tracking in the desert
  • Tracking in urban areas
  • Tracking in dense jungle
  • Tracking in the mountains
  • Tracking in grassland/savannah

Constant Awareness

Cost: 5 XP

Scouts have trained themselves to be in a state of constant awareness.  Whether in a city, village or in the wild they are masters of being aware of their own environment and do not easily startle.  Scouts will be given one minute of warning before a there is an attack on a building the Scout is sleeping in.  The Scout will also be able to accurately gauge the number and general type of creatures in a given area before they have followed the trail to its end.

Master (Wayfinder, 15 XP)

Requires two Intermediate abilities. Gains one Master tracking ability for free.

Perfected Camouflage

Cost: 10 XP

Wayfinders focus on perfecting their ability to blend into their natural surroundings rather than being able to move while concealed.  While they may not be able to move from their location the camouflage is so precise that they can call “No Effect” to all uses of “Reveal Concealed” although anyone with “Detect Concealed” remains generally aware that they are in the area somewhere.

Nature’s Cloak

Cost: 10 XP

The character may spend 10 seconds concentrating while role playing the act of concealing their location.  This can only be done outdoors where there is sufficient natural cover such as large trees or thick brush.  After using a slow 10 count (“Concealing 10, Concealing 9…”) they may use a self-only “Natural Conceal” effect.


Cost: 10 XP

A Wayfinder has become proficient enough that they can benefit not only from their own tracking ability but that of other Trackers around them.  When tracking or following Tracking Marshal tags they may add the total Tracking skill of up to two other Trackers to their own when seeing if a tag can be resolved or when being used in another Marshaled situation.

Example: John is a Master Tracker, with all Tracking skills, tracking with two students,  John is tracking a bear and he has study bears extensively, and is very familiar with this area in the case of this tracking. Johns Tracking skill would be calculated as follows  Tracking 3, Lore Bears: (1+2), Lore: Alteran Woodlands (1+2) Collaboration (Scout tier 2 + Scout tier 1) = 12. For the sake of the group’s Tracking skill that would be John = 12, Scout tier 2 = 2, Scout 1 = 1 ), for a group total of 15 on their Tracking score.  As a group they could follow any flags marked for that difficulty based on the module and John could read any Tracking Notes that were marked 12 or less.