Tracking is the mundane skill of being able to follow another person by reading trail signs such as boot prints, broken twigs, bits of clothe, etc.  Basic tracking allows for very limited success under very limited conditions but with each additional level of tracking purchased increases the circumstances where tracking can be successful.  Your base tracking ability is equal to your level in tracking ( ie tracking level 1 allows you to follow green trails). Multiple trackers may always pull their collective knowledge to follow a trail that would be individually impossible to follow.  A tracking party can be no more than seven people in total.

Tracking Markers

Tracking Markers are marks of cloth through the woods that allow a Tracker to note someone passed through here. Advanced tracking notes may be attached to some markers if you can follow the trail you can also read any notes on the front of the card. If your personal tracking score is greater than the number on the front of the card you may share the knowledge on the back of the card with your group.

  • Green: Basic Trails can be followed by anyone with Tracking.
  • Yellow: Difficult Trails can be followed by an Intermediate Tracker or 3 Basic Trackers.
  • Red: Very little trail markings left, requires a Master Tracker, or 3 Intermediate Trackers or 1 Intermediate Tracker and 6 Basic Trackers.

Any color cloth may be used with an additional number to show the difficulty of special trails.

EXAMPLE Tracking Tag :

FRONT (Available to everyone who can see tag): Yellow -3-   Humanoid, Light Forest, Moving Quickly, Fair Weather

BACK ( Trackers with a skill of 3 or more on this hunt): A single man moved through here quickly. Making no attempts to cover his trial. He moved off to the North at a Rapid pace judging by the freshness of the trail your target came through this area no more than 5 minutes before you.


Basic (Survivalist, 5 XP)
Intermediate (Scout, 10 XP)
Master (Wayfinder, 15 XP)