Bard Simon notes on “A Theory on Tinkerers like Draken

“Magic is many things to many people, most likely magic can only best be understood by the mind of its worker.”  At least, that is what a great number of mages say when trying to explain how each of them manage to accomplish similar tasks with different methods. There are a few however, that seem to have a knack for understanding exactly what magic wants to do within the realms of nature itself. Being able to control these circumstance and patterns has allowed Tinkerers to make some of the greatest creations of the Magical Age. What is a tinkerer? If forced to narrow it down to a core concept, it is one who understands the desires of magic at its core – and understanding what magic wants to do rather than what you want to do with magic opens an entirely new level of power that few will ever experience.

The tinkerers domain goes far and wide, from crafting the magical tools and weapons of many casters to creating odds and ends with a nearly limitless number of effects. Protectives and spells fall into their domain as well – no, nothing as dull as as swords and armors. Magic woven into patterns of metals and gems in adorning necklaces may appear quite beautiful, all the while containing protectives as strong as a suit of armor or spells as dangerous as a dragon’s breath.  Many of these wondrous items in legends are attributed to an Elven tinkerer named Draken Long Tips. Some of his most famous crafts include the Ivory Throne of Altera, and the Phoenix Saddle of Sophia Ironbane.

Cost Summary

 Tinkering 1-5 5,10,15,20,20
Crafting Points 1-10 2
crafting points 11-20 3
crafting points 21-30 4
crafting points 31-40 5
crafting points 41-50 5


Adept of the Form

Adepts of the form are Tinkerers just starting out on their journey and their time is spent focused on physical craft with moving parts. Traps and Locks begin to enshrine the theory of moving parts working together. Also, Adepts of the form are able to craft focuses that contain raw power. This includes Sorcerer’s Scales and Wizard’s Channeling Blocks.

Adept of the Will

Adepts of the will are Tinkerers who now focus on the purpose of the magic and its final goal. By shaping the circumstances around magic, they can bring the desired effect of what the flows of magic wish to do naturally into harmony. Adepts of the will can create unique items such as treasure boxes, books and glyphs that have protectives and defenses. Also, Adepts of the will have learned to engrave these patterns of magic into basic relics used by Relic Wardens.

Master of the Form

The student has learned to master the concepts of Form and Will together to create beautiful pieces that simply sing with magic. The Tinkerer can now create rings, necklaces and bracelets that carry a multitude of effects. Protectives and defenses can be stored in jewelry.

Master of the Will

The student has learned the Will to Survive is one of the strongest and gains the ability to work with cloth as if it were more substantial and weave magic into its very threads as well as learning much more intricate patterns of relics.


The very world itself becomes the canvas of the Tinkerer – no longer limited to small items. Tinkers can now apply their crafts to buildings, statues and even living trees and animals. The Tinkerer has mastered even the most complex patterns for relics.