The Zabin Hunters

The Zabin have their start in Calakmel but have spread to every corner of the world. The Alterans may tell you that they have had hundreds of years of peace. They may tell you that the Exile holds and there are no monsters. But then, Alterans lie. The Zabin will tell you there are monsters, but they are only found in the darkest places of the world. They are found in the dark alleys of Alteran cities, in the deepest mines of Moragon, in the farthest deserts of Mathuradu, and anywhere that society would turn a blind eye. Attacks by these “monsters” are often written off as unfortunate accidents or local acts of random violence. That is what is said in every nation in one form or another. Those that survive the attacks however, know the truth. These monsters are real. These monsters are connected. These monsters are planning. The Zabin work in small cells to track and kill the monsters when the rest of the world cannot even admit they exist.

The Zabin are often skilled trackers and specialized in various types of esoteric lore. They learn about the strengths and weaknesses of their quarry with careful study, then they execute their prey. In combat, they often rely on ambushes, traps, and ranged weapons to maximize their effectiveness, while keeping themselves safe.



Brutality and Dexterity traits at 1 each, wear light armor or no armor, and abilities can only be used with ranged weapons


Apprentice Level

Hunter – 10 xp.  Gain use of *one* basic ability for free.

Passive Ability

Trapper – 5 xp

Character may set and disarm traps without the appropriate skill.  A tagged Trap kit is still required.  This does not confer any ability with In Game Locks.

Active Ability

Foot Snare – 5 xp

Once per combat per level of mastery a Hunter may expend one defensive combat maneuver to call “Zabin Snare Foot.”

Called Shot – 5 xp

Hunters may strike with incredible precision in order to deliver lethal poisons or bypass the protection of limited armor making them always a threat at range.  Once per combat the Hunter may declare a specific Hit Location target, if the ranged attack makes any kind of legal hit it is taken as a base damage attack on that location.  This is called as “Zabin Called Shot [hit location]” and cannot be used in combination with Brutality Crit’s or Strength effects however it will stack with alchemical enhancements to that one specific missile weapon.  

Additionally in limited settings and under marshal situation this ability may be used to target distant switches, traps, levers, or other objects as determined by the marshal.

Throat Shot – 5 xp

Hunters know the value of making sure their quarry cannot cry out in alarm or for help.  Silence and stealth is their greatest weapon.  Once per combat a Hunter may use a Silence effect as a carrier attack.  This cannot be stacked with any additional damage modifiers.  This is called as “Zabin Silence.”

Intermediate Level

Predator – 15 xp.  Gain *one* intermediate ability for free.

Prerequisite Dexterity or Ingenuity Traits at 2 and at least two Apprentice abilities

Active Ability

Lie in wait – 10 xp

Character may spend one-minute concentrating while role playing the act of concealing their location.  After one minute they may use a self-only “Zabin Conceal” effect.  Attacking from Concealment breaks the effect, but not before the first attack is made.


Thrill of the Hunt – 10 xp

A predator learns to take advantage of the hunting blinds they create.  If the Hunter makes an attack directly from Concealment (within 5 seconds of dropping concealment) and that attack strikes the target (though it may be Dodged or otherwise defended against), the Hunter may reset a Single Per Combat Maneuver. This may only be done once per combat by calling “Zabin reset [maneuver name].”

If the quarry flees the Hunter may then, under supervision of a marshal, follow the tracks of her quarry as long as they are no less than 24 hours old.  This effectively functions as Tracking Level One for the specific quarry.  The character may efficiently lead a group of up to 6 additional people without compromising the trail.  This can function as Basic Tracking or if the player already has Tracking this gives a +1 to their skill level which always applies to the current terrain.


Disabling Strike – 10 xp

Once per combat character may use a Sleep effect with a ranged weapon as a carrier attack.  The target does not need to be facing away from the character and does not have to be caught by surprise.  May not be used with other combat maneuvers or damage modifiers.  To do this the Predator must call “Zabin Sleep.”

Maiming Strike – 10 xp

Once per combat character may use a called Maiming Strike with a ranged weapon.  Character must declare the limb targeted.  As long as the target is struck in any valid location the attack functions as if a maiming strike was given to the named limb instead.  May not be used with other combat maneuvers.  To do this they must call “Zabin Maiming Strike [limb location].”


Master Level

 Slayer – 20 xp

At least 2 intermediate abilities and either Dexterity or Ingenuity at 3


Passive Ability

Pass without Trace – 15 xp

When traveling alone or only with others who have this ability the character leaves no tracks.  Their presence cannot actively be detected while concealed by any means.  All sources of concealment are automatically upgraded to invisibility.

Active Ability

Merciless – 15 xp

Slayers will wait patiently for a target to enter a kill zone that has been carefully created.  While under the same restrictions as “Thrill of the Hunt” the first shot fired may be called as a “Zabin Killing Strike.”  This may expressly be combined with the True Strike Dexterity Ability.


Rain of Death – 15 xp

Once per day a Slayer may plant their feet and spend one minute gathering their focus.  The Slayer may pivot on one foot and use any defensive maneuvers but may not move beyond that spot.  The Slayer declared “Zabin Rain of Death.”  The Slayer may then call “True Crit 4″ with all ranged attacks.  This expressly cannot be combined with any other damage modifiers.  This effect ends when the Slayer has to move or becomes unconscious for any reason.


Vendetta – 15 xp

Upon successfully striking a target with a weapon blow, the Hunter may once per day direct their malice into ending the life of that target by declaring a Vendetta against the specific person. Until that target is rendered incapacitated, the Hunter makes use of this ability again, or 24 hours have elapsed any basic attack taken against that foe may be instead called as a “Zabin Crit 4.”

In addition, the Hunter may observe and target the subject of their Vendetta even if they comes under a Concealment or Invisibility effect.  If the Hunter is able to successfully Killing Blow their Target, they may immediately reset all Combat Maneuvers.


Here are some images for inspiration of Zabin Hunters!