The Panava

The Panava Arenas are a source of great pride for the free people of Mathuradu. The Arena welcomes warriors of all skills and styles to try their hand in combat but few are so universally renowned as the locally trained Panava. Here, any Janti of a person is put aside – so it is not uncommon that at an early age, the Unseen will give their children to the Panava in hopes that they will change their Janti, if they survive. This is the risk all students of Panava face. In the Arena they engage in bloodsport and to the victor go the spoils. Panava teaches its students to fight in the most dramatic way possible and rewards its students based on the number of opponents they are able to fight and defeat at one time. The notable Panava fighters will often fight ten opponents at one time. Such insurmountable odds only serve to make the crowds cheer more loudly. Those that excel in the Arena are often hired as guards, mercenaries, or soldiers which, more often than not, brings with it that higher Janti than they could have otherwise attained.

Panava is a style that favors two-handed weapons and medium to light armor. The style focuses on disabling or killing opponents in rapid succession, building up swinging momentum as the fight progresses. The more people or creatures a Panava gladiator is fighting the more like they are to impress the crowds.



Brutality and Resilience traits at 1 each, wear light armor or medium armor, and abilities can only be used with two handed great weapons.



Apprentice Level

Contender – 10 xp   Gain use of *one* basic ability for free.



Ascending Strikes – 5 xp

While other fighters start off strong and try to finish a fight as early as possible Contenders learn to draw the fight out only showcasing their real strength after everyone else has worn themselves out.  Rather than Brutality Crit’s diminishing in damage over the course of the fight each one starts at base damage and builds to maximum as the fight goes on.



Self Reliant – 5 xp

Panava Contenders are taught first and foremost that they cannot rely on anyone but themselves.  They learn the basics of smithing techniques for their weapon and armor of choice so that they can repair basic qualities to their own equipment.  Once per combat Contenders may immediately repair their  own weapon or armor sufficiently to get them through the current fight calling “Panava Combat Repair”.  At the end of combat this returns to broken status and must be repaired by a smith.


Fleeting Pain – 5 xp

Contenders learn how to push through what would otherwise be crippling pain.  Once per combat contenders may shout in a battle range and call “Panava Combat Ignore Wound”.  This will allow the injured limb to function normally for until the end of combat before the contender stops being able to shut out the pain.


Blood Rage – 5 xp

Contenders learn to embrace the adrenaline in the heat of battle.  Once per combat they may use a Strength effect to call +1 damage only.  This may stack with any other form of damage enhancement except other Strength effects.  At intermediate this becomes +3 damage and at Master becomes +5 Damage.  This is called as “Panava Strength – X.”  


Intermediate Level

Pre-requisites – Must have at least 2 basic abilities purchased and Brutality or Resilience 2

Gladiator – 15 xp



Thickened Skin – 10 xp

Through constant battle Gladiators have learned to get the absolute maximum effect out of every Shell granting protective.  Any time a Gladiators use alchemy or magical enhancement to be granted Shell they add one point of protection to the amount gained.  At Master level they add a second point of Shell to each appropriate protective.



Blood Roar – 10 xp

Pain is not just a way of life for Gladiators but it is power that can be used to strike back hard at their enemy.  Immediately after using the Fleeting Pain ability the Gladiator can lash out with their rage to strengthen the next immediate strike.  This must be delivered within 3 seconds of using Fleeting Pain and is called as “Panava Strength +3.”


Leg Sweep – 10 xp

It is not enough to simply defeat an opponent.  Gladiators know that what the crowd really wants is to see combatants humiliated and nothing does that better than knocking someone right off their feet.  Once per combat Gladiators may call “Panava Knockdown”.  This cannot be used with any source of damage modification.


Devastating Strike – 10 xp

Gladiators have learned to focus their energy into all out violence completely disregarding their own safety.  Once per combat a Gladiator may deal massive damage on one swing by expending their next Brutality Crit combat ability and calling “Panava Devastating Crit X” where X is double the Brutality Crit damage.  All additional damage modifiers such as Strength effects or other weapon enhancements are added on *AFTER* the Brutality Crit is doubled, not before.  At master level this may be done a second time per combat.


Master Level

Champion – 20 xp

Pre-requisites – Must have at least 2 Intermediate abilities purchased and Brutality or Resilience 3


Passive ability

No Mercy – 15 xp

Panava Champions have learned to press their advantage in combat.  There is no room for mercy in the arena.  No quarter is expected and none is ever given.  Whenever a Champion fights an opponent that is knocked down or on a wounded leg they can press their height advantage and call +1 damage to all attacks.  This expressly stacks with all other damage modifiers.  


Active ability

Bone Shatter – 15 xp

Champions of the Panava Arena maximize the carnage and to draw fights out by crippling an opponent rather than fighting for a quick defeat.  Once per combat Champions may call “Panava Maiming Strike”


Glorious Kill -15 xp

Once per combat after successfully delivering a 3 count Killing Blow to an opponent that they just took down, the Champion may call “Panava Reset [Name of Ability].”  This may only be used to reset a single Per Combat ability.


Endless Carnage – 15 xp

Champions revel in impossible odds.  Where others might see themselves as hopelessly outnumbered Panava Champions only see more opponents to crush for the pleasure of the crowds.  Once per day a Champion my call “Panava Endless Carnage.”  Doing so allows them to being a Panava Crit chain that is separate from all other wounding abilities.  The Champion starts at base damage and gains Panava Crit +1 for every successfully landed hit.  Striking weapons, armor, or shields do count.  The Champion may move one step with every swing.  There is no maximum to how high the Panava Crit total can climb as long as the Champion continues making valid attacks.  If the Champion has to take more than one step, if the swing misses, if it is Parried, or Dodged then the effect ends.