The Masya

The Masya

Masya are a secretive order rumored to have their origins in the deep jungle of Calakmel, but rumors persist of Masya agents of every nation and they are often the justification for every unexplained death.  Masya prioritize effectiveness and subtly over honor and glory every time. The style emphasizes the ability to strike quickly and decisively while being able to improvise whatever response is needed.  Masya are careful and deliberate, studying the habits of each individual mark and then customizing the best way to eliminate them accordingly.

Masya are trained with specially concealable daggers as a primary weapon but the real strength of the style is their ability to adapt and overcome almost any type of defense. It does not matter how a mark protects themselves. There is a Masya who has a prepared response to it.



Brutality and Ingenuity traits at 1 each, wear light armor or no armor, and abilities can only be used with small weapons.


Apprentice Level

Shadow – 10 xp.  

Gain use of *one* basic ability for free.



Poisoner – 5 xp

Masya are familiar with the basics of applying poisons and can do so even without the normally required production skill.  Masya Poisoners may apply blade poisons, mix ingested poisons, and use contact poisons all without harming themselves.  This skill does not grant any production ability and does not allow for the application of any other type of brews.



Rusted Blade – 5 xp

Shadows of the Masya learn to keep a small section of their daggers rusted so that they cause infection when used.  Once per combat the Masya may use a “Natural Disease – Masya” combat ability.


Hamstring – 5 xp

One of the worst things that can happen is for a target to get away.  The Maysa have studied anatomy enough to know how to make sure that the target cannot run away.  Shadows may expend any defensive maneuver in order to call a “Natural Hobble  – Masya”



Concealed Blade – 5 xp

Shadows of the Masya know that to carry out any assassination they must be able to have a weapon even if weapons are not allowed.  To get around guards or any other forms of inspection they have learned how to conceal a knife on their person well enough that it cannot be found through normal methods.  This requires one minute of role play concentration where an obvious attempt to conceal the dagger phys rep has been made.  This can be tucked up a sleeve, in a boot, inside a coat, or any similar effort.  A white strip of cloth should then be wrapped around the dagger marking it as Out of Play.  This will not fool people or creatures that can pierce or detect concealment however.


Intermediate Level

Ghost – 15 xp

Gain use of *one* Intermediate ability for free.

Prerequisite – Must have at least 2 basic abilities and Brutality or Ingenuity at 2



One with the Blade – 10 xp

Ghosts work with their blades to such an extent that they function as part of their own body when it comes to enchantments, illusions, and other forms of concealment.  Anytime a Ghost has a conceal, meld, phase, or invisibility effect used on them they may keep one dagger in each hand while they are so hidden.  



Snake Bite – 10 xp

The serpent’s fangs will pierce through the chinks in any armor in order to deliver it’s venom.  Masya have studied this and learned to emulate these deadly creatures in their attacks.  Ghosts are trained to deliver the poison from their dagger regardless how much armor the target is wearing.  Once per combat they may use an “Armor Pierce [Name of Poison, if applicable] – Masya” ability.  


Camouflage -10xp

Ghosts must be clever enough to hide in the shadows, in the forest, and in dark corners of buildings.  They may spend a 10 count  to conceal themselves into their surroundings by stating “Concealing 1, Concealing 2…”  This requires basic meeting the basic concealment rules but has no additional restrictions.  This becomes Walking Concealed at Master.


The Getaway – 10 xp

Ghosts know that whether an assassination fails or is successful the Masya must get away as quickly as possible.  Even the best assassins fail and capture cannot be an option.  Once per combat the Ghost may break into a sprint by calling “Haste – Masya”.  



Wraith- 20 xp

Gain use of *one* Master ability for free.

Prerequisite – Must have at least 2 Intermediate abilities and either Brutality or Ingenuity at 3



Hidden Strike – 15 xp

Wraiths know that even under the best circumstances it is not always possible to eliminate a target in a single hit.  There are times where the wide spread application of violence is the only option.  Wraiths use even the smallest surprise to their advantage and gain a permanent +1 to all basic attacks when attacking from behind the target.  


Endless Doors to Death – 15 xp

Wraiths know that there are a thousand doors to death and Wraiths know each one.  They have learned to take advantage of even the most innocuous blade poisons to lethal effect.  Any applied blade poison may be called as a Blood Poison instead.



From the Shadows -15 xp

Wraiths know how to catch their target off guard for maximum effect.  When attacking from Concealment or Invisibility, a Wraith may expend a Brutality to call “True Crit X”, where X is the value of the Brutality Crit.  A second Brutality Crit may instantly be used to provide this ability to the second dagger.


Garrote – 15 xp

Wraiths have learned to maximize the effect of attacking from surprise in order to take down a target before there is an opportunity for any alarm to be raised.  Once per combat a Wraith may call “True Mortal Strike – Masya” when attacking a target from behind.


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