The Knights of the Endless Vigil

Often simply called Vigil Knights by many, they are most often soldiers from Altera – although any soldiers from any nation are welcome so long as they take an oath of loyalty, both to whatever charge they protect and to Altera’s Crown. Those who show a special brand of selfless devotion and military skill are singled out and trained for the Endless Vigil. These knights take on lifetime contracts to serve as escort and bodyguard to a specific ward. Vigil Knights use heavy armor and medium shields to make sure that no matter what happens to themselves, the person that is under their protection will survive.

Vigil Knights rely on skill with medium or long one-handed weapons, large shields, and all the armor they can bear. They are extremely defensive fighters who are more than willing to sacrifice a chance to attack in favor of increased survival.


Pre-requisite – Empathy and Resilience Traits at 1 each.  

To use these abilities the character must wear at least 3 points of armor as well as fight with a one handed weapon and Medium Shield.


Basic  – 10 xp


When purchasing this martial style Squire’s get one basic ability for free.


Passive Abilities

Staunch Bleeding – 5 xp

Squires may Field Dress wounds in order to stabilize another target.  The Squire must still have a tagged Healer’s Kit to use this ability.


Active Abilities

Absolute Defense – 5 xp

Guardians are trained that their life and the life of their Ward depends on their armor.  Knights may call on their inherent knowledge to instantly repair their own broken armor once per combat.  The Knight must call “Vigil Combat Repair Armor”.  This is Self Only.  As with all “combat” duration effects it will return to being Broken at the end of combat and will need to be repaired by a smith.


Strength of Duty – 5 xp

Squires may draw on their inner resolve of purpose to strengthen their Sword, Shield, and Armor.  Once per combat a Squire may resist a single Break or Shatter effect on one of these items.  To use this ability the Knight must call “Vigil Resist”.


Proficient Repair – 5 xp

Squires perform daily maintenance on their own armor and become deeply familiar with every strap, link, and plate.  This knowledge helps them to refit damaged armor faster than others would be able to.  Knights may refit their armor in half the time (15 seconds) per point of armor and then call “Vigil Refit” upon completion.  


Intermediate – 15 xp


Prerequisites:  At least 2 Basic abilities, either Resilience or Empathy at level 2, and wear at least 4 points of armor.


When purchasing the rank of Guardian the character must complete In Play challenges before being taught additional secrets by a Style Master.    When completed they get one of the following Intermediate abilities for free.


Passive Abilities:

Rigorous Training – 10 xp

Guardians may pick ONE advantage from a list that they learn for free through their intensive physical training:  Thickened Blood, Fortified Body, or Rapid Recovery.  Additionally they learn to develop one physical sense to extraordinary levels.  Guardians may also pick Keen Sight, Smell, Hearing, or Touch for free which is also developed through this training.


Active Abilities:

Shield Block – 10 xp

Guardians master the art of interposing their shield to defend an ally.  Once per combat they may block a single attack that would otherwise affect another person within 5 feet of the Knight.  The Knight must call “Vigil Shield Block”.  Any attack so blocked is taken as a strike on the Knight’s shield.


Lightning Parry – 10 xp

Knights learn to move both blade and sword  may call a Parry for someone else within 5 feet of the Knight.  Additionally they automatically gain an extra use of the Parry skill which raises their maximum number of Parries to 4.  To use this extra Parry a Knight must use the tagline “Vigil Parry.”


Path of Escape – 10 xp

Knights are trained to create a path of escape for their Ward in order to rapidly quit a field of battle.  When they successfully Parry (use of In Game Skill) they may immediately stun their opponent by calling a “Vigil Triggered Stupify” against the attacker.


Master – 20 xp

Prerequisites:  Must have at least 2 intermediate abilities, either Empathy or Resilience at 3, and wear at least 5 points of armor.



When purchasing the rank of Protector the character must complete In Play challenges before being taught additional secrets by a Master.  Protectors must declare who their contracted Ward is and before their master commit to a lifetime of protection to that one person above all else.  When completed they get one of the following Master abilities for free.  



Weight of the World – 15 xp

Protectors can perform legendary feats of strength to carry fallen allies out of combat.  They can permanently call “Vigil Strength” but this can only be used for the express purpose of moving a wounded person.  Additionally they may use basic aid while moving and no longer require a healer’s kit.



Shield Bash – 15 xp

Protectors can put the full force of their devotion into their shield.  When a Melee hit strikes the Protector’s shield they may, Once Per Combat, immediately call an “Triggered Wild Knockback Vigil”


Charge of Duty – 15 xp

Protectors are able to block nearly any effect with their shield for themselves and their allies.  Once per combat they are able to  call “Resist – Vigil” against a single effect that is targeting thems or another person within 5 feet.


Perfect Devotion – 15 xp

Protectors may call on their innermost resolve to make sure that they are able to continue to protect through an immediate fight.  Once per day a Protector may instantly reset all defensive combat abilities, Guard Specific abilities, and reset all vigor by calling “Devotion – Vigil”.  Once done the protector requires one hour of rest to recover any combat abilities the next time.

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