The Kalari Monks

Kalari is a remote village of northern Mathuradu where the arid steppe has begun to finally give way to expansive desert. In this remote community train an order of ascetic monks. They aspire to move beyond their Janti and become one with the universal will. They live worse than the Unseen, often walking barefoot on the burning sand. They study harder than any Elarenin, learning the ways that the body moves, breaks, and heals. They fight harder than any Rajavada, always striving to turn their whole body into a single living weapon so that they are never unarmed. They toil in the heat for the basics of survival with the heart of the most dedicated Keshanyas. In this way, they embrace the whole of Janti and so seek to surpass the limitations of castes and labels. The monks do not ask what Janti a person had before coming to them, nor do they limit their membership to Mathuradu. All that is asked is dedication to the improvement of the self and through that, improvement of the world. The harsh life of a Kalari Monk hardens the body and soul so that when a disciple is ready, they can venture out into the greater world – both to increase their own enlightenment and to bring their wisdom to others.

Kalari is an “unarmed” fighting style that relies on dagger sized claw phys-reps to denote open hand combat. Hidden techniques may allow a Kalari Monk to have greater reach (larger claw reps) but those secrets are known only to a select few Gurus of the style. This school focuses on evasion and strafing teaching the disciples to use extremely precise strikes on opponents who are otherwise distracted.



Dexterity and Empathy traits at 1 each, wear light armor or no armor, and abilities can only be used with the Open Hand style of “Small Red claw reps”

Apprentice Level

Yogi – 10 xp.  Gain use of *one* basic ability for free in addition to Unarmed Fighting.



Unarmed Fighting- 0Xp

Kalari Monks train every day to harden their hands in order to allow them to both take damage and deal damage as well as a well-made knife.  This allows them to use dagger sized “hand” phys reps which are required to use any and all style abilities.  At basic these can not be longer than 16”, 20” at intermediate, and 24” at master.

Balanced Body – 5 xp

This hardening of the body is both external and internal.  Through this process Yogis also learn first to recognize the universal energy that connects all things and all Janti’s.  By opening themselves to the wider world they are able to draw on that energy to help keep their humors in better balance.  Disease takes twice as long to become Blood Poison and Blood Poison take twice as long to become fatal allowing them more time to find a healer.


Stunning Strike – 5 xp

Disciples of the Kalari learn to push their own momentum into their opponents throwing off their balance.  Opponents have to take time to brush off the strike before they can move at full speed again.  Once per combat Yogis may call “Kalari Spellstrike Hobble”

Push Back – 5 xp

Yogis learn to use the least amount of force in any given situation.  There are times where it is only necessary to push someone out of the way not to knock them down or injure them.  Once per combat Yogis may call “Kalari Spellstrike Repel”.

Heavy Stone Knee Strike – 5 xp

Yogis learn to bring the full weight of a blow down on the knee of a target causing the leg to become locked and immobile.  Once per combat monks may call “Kalari Spellstrike Snare Footi”.

.Intermediate Level

Swami – 15 xp

Gain use of *one* intermediate ability for free.

Must have at least 2 basic abilities (in addition to Unarmed Fighting) as well as tier 2 of either Dexterity or Empathy



Charged Life Force – 10 xp

Swamis learn to infuse their whole body with the ambient force of life and creation around them.  Existing in this harmonious state Swami’s very touch is painful to creatures of unnatural creation.  They gain the ability to channel their own focused spirit into their attacks and may now call the “Spirit” source modifier on all unarmed attacks .



Prana Block – 10 xp

Swamis know not only where the physical nerve clusters are but know where to strike in order to hit magical clusters as well.  Once per combat Swamis may call “Kalari Spellstrike Magic Drain”.


Weighted Strike – 10 xp

Swamis have learned to channel their own life force into a strike to wholly overwhelm the nervous system of their opponents.  Once per combat they may use “Kalari Spellstrike Knockdown”.


Aggression Block – 10 xp

Swamis can target the central nervous system of their opponent with such precision that the target becomes unable to physically do more than lift a weapon for the most basic attack or defense.  Once per combat Swamis may use “Kalari Spellstrike [Attribute of Choice] Drain”.


Master Level

Guru – 20 xp

Gain use of *one* Master ability for free.

Must have at least 2 intermediate abilities as well as either Dexterity or Empathy at level 3



Astral Body – 15 xp

The spiritual awareness and connection to the Prana of the universe that they begin to transcend the barriers of the physical realm.  Gurus gain the Medium or Sense Life advantage for free.  If a Guru already has both abilities they will be enhanced significantly but such enhancements must be discovered In Play.  Additionally the Guru may passively target and interact with beings or creatures in the nearby Astral realm.  If this involves attacking an Astral Being each attack must begin with “Kalari”.



Muscle Strike – 15 xp

Swamis have learned to block the flow of energy to select major muscle groups causing the targets body to lock up and become useless.  Twice per combat monks may call “Spellstrike Snare Body – Kalari”.


Dim Mak – 15 xp

Gurus know that for some violent souls no amount of disabling will stop them from bringing harm to the universal energies around them.  Gurus know the secrets of blocking major blood vessels and to cause the body to start attacking itself.  Once per day with a simple touch the Guru may use “Spellstrike Blood Poison – Kalari”


Skybound Stride – 15 xp

Gurus have mastered that aerial acrobatics that are the hallmark of the Kalari style.  They are able to hop into the air seeming to casually walk nothing and on becoming impossible to strike.  Once per combat they may use the Flying effect calling “Kalari Flying” for a distance of 10 steps.  They must call “Flying – Kalari” each time an additional 10 steps is added.    “Kalari Flying” must also be used as the defensive call on all attacks.


Here are some images and videos to help provide inspiration!