The Draganian Guard

It may seem redundant that a people who can simply close the gates to their mountain keeps would train special warriors to protect the already impenetrable passes, but the Moragon are known for their practicality and should a pass ever be breached, the attackers would then face the Draganian Guard. More often than not, these guards serve in the deep mines protecting the workers from whatever cave-dwelling threat they may encounter. Attempts to raid the mines by outsiders or foreign powers are rare but do happen, and The Guard stand ready. These soldiers train day in and day out for tunnel-fighting and fully embrace the concept that, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The more guards that stand shoulder to shoulder, the more effective they are and the better their long spears skewer the attacker. The Draganian’s fight with massive shields and are trained to overlap them so that if any enemy attacks, it faces not one shield but a massive wall of immovable steel bristled with spear tips.

The Draganian Guard fight with a large shield and spear. The effectiveness of the style is primarily based on working together to create a bulwark against any aggression.



Students of the Draganaian Guard must have Resilience and Dexterity attributes at level 1.  

They fight in Light or Medium armor, with a Large Shield, and a Spear.


*Establishing Formation*

Most abilities of the Guard have some application to lone fighters however the true strength of the style only is shown when they fight in groups.  Establishing a formation is done by having all participating Guards gathering together and committing to their unit formation.  This requires 10 seconds focus as the Guard place spear tips together as a commitment to each other.  While in combat so long as they remain within spear reach of each other they are considered to be “In Formation”.  If formation during combat is broken they will need to gather and re-establish with another 10 seconds of focus.


Apprentice Level

Spearman – 10 xp.  Gain use of *one* basic ability for free.



Shield Brother – 5 xp

Guardsmen can draw on their training with their personal shield as well as from their shield brothers and sisters. This bond is such that Shield and Guard becomes an extension of the other.  This bond lets them maneuver the shield more efficiently than anyone else. Every shield in formation is their brother just as every other Guard in formation is their shield.

For each Guardsmen that stands in line formation they gain a 1 point Shell.  This increases up to a maximum of Shell 3 each in a 3 or more person line.  Guards who are fighting without the benefit of an established formation may still spend the 10 seconds needed for formation and gain a 1 point shell for themselves.  Additionally all Spearmen may use the Parry ability while holding a Shield even if their weapon is disarmed.



Spear Brothers – 5 xp

Guardsmen work as a group to do more damage than any of them could do individually.  Once per combat Guardsmen may call a single “Guard Crit +X – Guard” where X is the number of Guardsmen in formation up to a maximum of “Crit +4” for a four person line.  If they are on their own they may still call at minimum a “Crit +1” for themselves.


Battlefield Repair – 5 xp

A broken weapon or shield in the middle of a battle can mean death not only to you but to your brothers in arms.  Guardsmen are taught how to perform emergency repairs on their equipment to keep them in the fight.  Once per combat a Guardsman may call “Guard Combat Basic Repair ” in order to grant a repair effect to spear or shield.  This can be used for themselves or to repair for others.  At the end of combat the “break” effect returns to the item and must be repairs by a smith.  This cannot repair Shattered items.  This does not require any additional repair kits.


Focused Mind – 5 xp

The focus of the line is only as good as the most distracted member.  All Guardsmen know the value of not allowing others in the line to become distracted.  Once per combat, a Guardsman may call “Guard Awaken” by touching the target with their spear in order to knock some sense into any one ally, Guardsman or not,  who has lost their focus.


Intermediate Level

Pikeman – 15 xp gains the use of *one* Intermediate ability for free.

Must have at least 2 basic abilities purchased as well as either Dexterity or Resilience at level 2



Steady Advance – 10 xp

Pikemen learn to use their spear and shield in conjunction to push away anything that would impede their forward momentum.  They become the unyielding force that will push back all challengers no matter what may try and thwart their advance.  Pikemen may call “Guard Reduce” against any Snare effect that strikes their shield.


Blood Brothers – 15 xp

Pikemen have know that as part of a shield wall they exist as part of a greater whole.  Standing by their side are the other Guardsmen that they have fought with and bled with.  They have been wounded and healed more times than can be counted.  It is the responsibility of a Lancer to see their brothers through the fight.  Once per combat the Guardsman may call “Guard Rapid Recovery” to any target by touching them lightly with his or her spear.  This does not require any additional healing kit.


Wall of Spears – 10 xp

Pikemen know that their ultimate responsibility is to hold the line and stop any attack from going further.  Once per combat Pikemen may use their spear to strike an opponent and call “Guard Repel” to push them back.


Spirit of the Shield – 10 xp

Pikemen have learned the inner-working of their shield and of their brothers shields.  They know that they can rely on the shields around them to help take the effect of not only melee damage but all damage be it alchemy, natural attacks, or magic.  Once per combat they may call “Guard Reduce” when a Shard X, Spike, or Barrage effect strikes the Guard’s shield. This may be done a second time per combat at Master Level.


Master Level

Lancer – 20 xp  Gains the use of *one* master ability for free.

Must have at least 2 intermediate abilities purchased and have either Resilience or Dexterity at 3



Strength of the Line – 15 xp

Lancers have mastered how to play off the strength of the spears around them for maximum damage.  

When in formation of two or more Lancers gain a permanent +1 damage to all attacks.  This stacks with other damage modifiers.  Additionally Lancers have one resist disarm per combat.



Act of Retribution – 15 xp

Lancers have learned to hold back the full extent of their strength until it is absolutely needed.  Their task is to hold off attackers as long as possible and when that is no longer an option to take at least one of them down with him.  Once per combat when a Lancer becomes unconscious from melee damage they may make one final attack as “Guard Triggered Mortal Strike.”


Hold Passage – 15 xp

Lancers have learned how to set themselves, spear, and shield as a single immovable object as the defenders of the winding mountain tunnels.  With 3 seconds of preparation and focus (slow 3 count) Lancers set themselves in place and become immune to knockdown, knockback, and repel calling “Guard No Effect” when needed.  While in this posture they cannot effectively rest to recover any combat abilities.  Additionally they may not move more than one step every 3 seconds.  In order to maintain formation all other Guards must keep the same deliberate pace.  


Spirit of the Guard – 15 xp

Lancers have learned not only to draw on the strength of the other shields around them but to draw on the strength of the other Guardsmen directly.  As the full weight of their duty falls upon them Lancers become a wall of immovable resolve and refuse all attempts to move them out of the way.  Once per combat Lancers may call “Guard Resist” in response to any one packet effect of any source.

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