Sorcerers of Altera


  • Casting Style: Spells cast into Foci
  • Strengths: Mind-affecting, Illusionary Magic,  Complex Protectives
  • Weakness: Circles, Walls & Skins, No Built-in Dweomers reset
  • Casting Roleplay Method: Set of brass scales used to balance spells, small stones represent Elements and Focus.

Alexia grew tired of dealing with the other magicians in the army for they had no understanding of the balance required with magic. No realization of the impact that their magic had on the world around them when they cast and they took no precautions to limit the effects they had on everything around them. They didn’t understand the most basic rule of magic – every action has an effect, and as any good sorcerer, she made sure she had followed those actions out completely before she ever begun casting.

Alexia knew the coming battle would be fierce, so she had withdrawn herself inside her tent to prepare her magic. It was easiest for her to cast when she had quiet and could focus completely. Alexia withdrew her casting scale from its cushioned lined boxes. Her scale was very delicate as it had been crafted for her by one of the best mage smiths of all time. She would be lost without it.

She drew up her first spell and focused it on one of the two foci of the scales, at the same time focusing a second spell into the second foci. The spells weren’t exactly balancing but with this technique she only need balance out the difference with her strength of will. Bracing so she felt the push-back of the spell rather than let it loose on the world. Alexia cast for nearly half an hour until all her focus was gone.

When she had completed her task she placed her bracelet on the top of her scales and transformed the spells she had cast into her battle foci. The goblin army would not know what hit them. The other mages might be strong but the wasted effort of their spell casting could not match the efficiency of a master sorcerer. Alexia laid her head down. Just a short nap before the coming battle.

Cost Summary

Sorcerer Tiers Pre-Req Dweomer Cost Abilities
1st, 10 XP 1 XP/Dweomer Cast Against the Will;
Spell Flux, 8 XP each
2nd, 10 XP 20 Dweomer 1 XP/Dweomer Cast Against Lesser Spell;
Counterspell, 10 XP each
3rd, 15 XP 40 Dweomer 2 XP/Dweomer
4th, 15 XP 60 Dweomer 3 XP/Dweomer
5th, 20 XP 80 Dweomer 5 XP/Dweomer

Sorcery Rules Summary

  • Foci:  Yes
  • In-Play Verbals:  No
  • Soul Mark:  No
  • In-Play Rituals/Books/Text:  Yes

Sorcery is the magical science of balancing all the collective forces of magic against both the will of the caster and the core nature of the magical universe.  The magical energy of sorcerers are called Dweomers and are both the weighted crystals which represent the will of the caster and the elemental weights that represent the forces of nature.  Sorcerers use scales to balance the cost of a spell against their own willpower and then charge those spells into a Foci for later use.  Sorcerers keep a Ledger of all spells and what the Dweomer cost of each is, these are recorded in the Ledger as mathematical statements.

Tier 1:  Casting Against the Will

Beginning Sorcerers have learned to cast spells into a focus using their own personal Dweomer as the balance.

Tier 2:  Casting Against Lesser Spells

At this level Sorcerers begin to unlock the real potential of their magic.  Sorcerers may offset part of the weight of a spell by casting a lesser spell on the opposite scale.  Doing so allows the universe to partially balance itself out and the Sorcerer only has to pay the difference in weight from their personal Dweomer.

Tier 3:  Spell Flux

The inherent preparation makes any sort of “on the fly” magic, even Spell Flux, more challenging.  Sorcerers must have a significant amount of skill to be able to produce any sort of instant effect.

Tier 4:  Counter Magic

Much like the difficulties with Spell Flux it is extremely difficult for sorcerers to unweave a spell on the fly.  It can be done but requires a Sorcerer of great skill to accomplish.


When casting from scales all Sorcerers must keep in mind a few simple rules that guide their casting.

  • Sorcery is a way to balance the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Shadow) against each other.
  • No more than one spell can ever be cast on each side of the scale.
  • If either side of the scale falls so out of balance that the scale “bottoms out” then the spell is ruined.  The  Dweomer cost of all spells must be paid in full directly from the caster’s personal Dweomer reserves.

The focus of the caster is placed at the bottom of the scale . The caster then places the proper amount of elemental Dweomers on one scale and balances it by placing either Dweomers from their personal reserve  on the other scale. The scales must be released and allowed to come  to a full stop on their own (typically 2- 3 seconds) if both scales are roughly in equal height positions the caster will announce “Charge Focus [Name of Spell]”.  All charged spells can be released at a later time as desired by stating “Activate Elemental [Name of Spell]”.

Example Sorcery Spells

Sorcery spells are written as equations

  • Q is the symbol used to represent the required Dweomer reserve if the spell is not balanced by any other force.
  • F is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Fire for a spell to be cast
  • A is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Air for a spell to be cast
  • E is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Earth for a spell to be cast
  • W is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Water for a spell to be cast
  • L is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Light for a spell to be cast
  • D is the symbol used to represent the required amount of Darkness for a spell to be cast

Fire Shard

A spell to propel Fire magic through the air might look something like this.

2F1A = 2Q

Charge Focus with two Fire Shard 1.

Shadow Stupify

4A2S =3Q

Charge Focus with Shadow Stupefy.

Complex Balancing Spells

An equation to cast a “Break Armor” spell with a secondary Fire Shard spell for balance might be written as:

4F3E  = 2F1A7Q

Charge Foci with Fire – Break Armor and 2 Fire Shards.

Example Casting

Marcus the Sorcerer has decided to add some additional battle spells to his Foci. He Knows he will be facing some goblins soon so he plans to prepare some binding magic to slow the little buggers down a bit since this is his goal Marcus begins some calculations.

He knows he wants to cast Ice Snare foot and Ice Sleep. Ice Sleep being a much more power spell he pulls up his notes 4W3A, and his notes say the proper mixture for snare footer is 2w1a, This is a simple calculation he needs to balance out 2W and 2A. Air is a very light element so 2A is roughly equal to 1Q and 2W is a bit heavier requiring 3Q. Marcus makes a note in his notebook in case this set of spells needs to be cast again.   4W3A <-> 2W1A4Q.

After setting up his scales Marcus draws the Magic into his channeling stones and places both spells on each scale a the same time. The scales move up and down for a second but quickly come to rest a perfect balance. The Spells complete he imbues them into his focus setting at the base of the scales. “Imbue Foci Ice Sleep, Imbue Foci Ice Snare Foot”, Marcus gains both spells for only 4Q instead of having to pay the full cost for both spells.

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