Royal Invitation

To the Heroes who gathered in Verinfall;

As the newly appointed First Ambassador of Altera His Royal Highness, Prince Patrick XXXIX, has tasked me with the organization and oversight of events surrounding his coronation.  It is therefore my responsibility and pleasure to invite all of you to Colstean on January the 13th of the coming year for such celebrations as I can arrange given the circumstances.  

 The glory that is Alteran refinement will be on display for all to enjoy naturally.  His Highness has however asked that those attending be invited to showcase the very best of their own cultures which I am sure will prove most entertaining.  We welcome you to bring a dish to share with the assembled heroes and nobility that represents the very best of your culture.  We will of course have staples of Alteran cuisine with some elegant twists for our guests to experience as well.

 As a highlight to the day his Highness wished to recognize Kumma of event second only to the coronation itself his Highness wishes to formally recognize the efforts in Verinfall both for the defense of the people and for the protection of his own person.  He therefore awards, for meritorious conduct above the call of duty, the Order of the Silver Star to Sir Dog the Dog Knight, Kuuma Marux, Sojourner Navika, Albrecht Von Agrippa, and Sir Micah Hightower.  This marks the first time that someone not of Alteran birth has received such an honour but I have no doubt these good people are worthy.

 His Highness will be out briefly to greet you all and provide these recognitions.  He will then lead the recipients through the Honored Halls of the Paladins.  He will then enter into sequestration within the Hall as he prepares to ascend the throne.  I have additionally arranged, over the course of the day, various tours of various facilities within the castle such as our smithy, tinkering workshop, and alchemy schools.  I feel certain that there will be opportunities for everyone to learn a great deal and the craft masters of Colstean will be happy to teach you.

 There will be games of many sorts with prizes given from a number of places.

I am certain that were someone to produce a few decks of cards and or dice some sort of gaming could easily happen.

I have solicited riddles and puzzles from the Bardic College for you to solve.


There will be artifacts of some historical significance for you to catalogue.

 In addition I will be placing an amusing artifact from my own personal collection.

I have a jeweled stone circle with an inscription that seems to have stolen power from the ancient Dragons as well as provides instructions to shatter this item and release this power.  It seems that we need to nothing more than hold a grand melee.  I see no reason to fear such a thing and invite warriors of all nations to participate.  I myself was a rather masterful duelist within the Egerton Dueling Society.  I could be persuaded to join in such a fray however I would have to hold back.  Fighting the grace and poise of a master duelist would hardly be fair to the rest.  

 I also encourage smaller bouts of combat and marksmanship before this grand melee to showcase martial skills which may not fare well in a grand melee environment.  We will try to have an odds maker present should anyone wish to place friendly bets on any of these contests.


 Ores, coin, and other resources as can be provided

A large ruby that defies value

A book called “Grimoire of Le Croix”  Most of the pages are significantly damaged but I am sure that something will prove useful.

Your choice of other items of historical curiosity based on what can be provided


I am sure that this will be an impressive and entertaining day for all of you,

 By the instruction of Prince Patrick XXXIX,


His Grace, Lucas Meran, Duke of Sart

First Ambassador in Colstean