The Panava Arenas are a source of great pride for the free people of Mathuradu. The Arena welcomes warriors of all skills and styles to try their hand in combat but few are so universally renowned as the locally trained Panava. Here, any Janti of a person is put aside – so it is not uncommon that at an early age, the Unseen will give their children to the Panava in hopes that they will change their Janti, if they survive. This is the risk all students of Panava face. In the Arena they engage in bloodsport and to the victor go the spoils. Panava teaches its students to fight in the most dramatic way possible and rewards its students based on the number of opponents they are able to fight and defeat at one time. The notable Panava fighters will often fight ten opponents at one time. Such insurmountable odds only serve to make the crowds cheer more loudly. Those that excel in the Arena are often hired as guards, mercenaries, or soldiers which, more often than not, brings with it that higher Janti than they could have otherwise attained.

Panava is a style that favors two-handed weapons and medium to light armor. The style focuses on disabling or killing opponents in rapid succession, building up swinging momentum as the fight progresses. The more people or creatures a Panava gladiator is fighting the more like they are to impress the crowds.


  • Brutality and Resilience attributes at tier 1 each,
  • Wear Light Armor or Medium Armor, and abilities can only be used with two-handed great weapons.


Fighting Abilities

Apprentice (Contender, 10 XP)
Intermediate (Gladiator, 15 XP)
Master (Champion, 20 XP)

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